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New VOBIS look unveiled

Shesallshenanigans won the 2023 VOBIS Sires Showdown Racing Photos

On Monday, Racing Victoria and Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria unveiled a new look for the VOBIS program, taking immediate effect.

The improved program offers more than $30 million in prize-money, bonuses and vouchers which included $7.5 million in VOBIS Sires vouchers to be won across the 2023/24 racing season.

This new VOBIS structure will include four tiers of VOBIS; VOBIS Silver, VOBIS Gold, VOBIS Platinum and VOBIS Sires. These four tiers have different incentives and are essentially a levelling block, where VOBIS Silver is the basic level of the VOBIS Program, whereas VOBIS Platinum is the highest tier.

Racing Victoria’s Matt Welsh said the importance that the VOBIS program has had on the Victorian breeding industry.

“VOBIS has been a valuable part of Victoria’s racing and breeding industries for nearly 30 years, and it will enter the 2023-24 racing and breeding seasons with a new and simplified look," Welsh said.

“There’s now a much clearer pathway from VOBIS Silver onto VOBIS Gold and VOBIS Platinum with greater rewards available for those who race the progeny of a VOBIS Sire and thus support the Victorian breeding industry.

“The revamped VOBIS program will continue to incentivise new and existing investment in the Victorian breeding industry, and reward those who breed, buy, own and race in Victoria.”

Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria President James O’Brien encourages all breeders and owners to race a VOBIS horse and to take advantage of the high bonuses, boosts and prize-money on offer.

“It’s pretty simple – if you want to race in Victoria, then you should ensure you race an upgraded VOBIS horse,” O’Brien said.

“Why not take advantage of the additional $30 million on offer across a variety of races throughout Victoria exclusive to VOBIS horses?”

See below the explanations behind each of the VOBIS definitions.

VOBIS Silver

VOBIS Silver is the base program of VOBIS, with all nominated horses eligible to compete for more than $13 million in bonuses each season in Victoria.

VOBIS Silver replaces Super VOBIS and retains all the great features. A summary of the scheme is as follows:

· All two-year-old and three-year-old TAB races in Victoria will carry a VOBIS Silver bonus – Saturday metropolitan $30,000, midweek metropolitan $15,000, country $12,000;

· All country TAB maidens at 2000m or further will carry a VOBIS Silver bonus of $12,000;

· 840 VOBIS Silver races are programmed each season;

· A total of $13 million in VOBIS Silver bonuses are on offer annually.


Once nominated to VOBIS Silver, a horse can then be upgraded to VOBIS Gold which offers additional bonuses for the duration of its racing career:

· More than $5 million in VOBIS Gold bonuses are offered annually with a $20,000 bonus assigned to a minimum of 250 races;

· VOBIS Gold bonuses are offered across all age groups, not just two and three-year-olds;

· The VOBIS Gold Premier Race Series is worth in excess of $3.38 million and includes 17 exclusive feature races.

VOBIS Platinum

The highest tier of the program, VOBIS Platinum is exclusive to VOBIS Sires progeny who have been upgraded, with horses graduating from VOBIS Silver to VOBIS Platinum upon upgrading.

VOBIS Platinum horses are eligible for all the benefits of VOBIS Silver and VOBIS Gold, plus two exclusive VOBIS Sires races and $7.5 million in VOBIS Platinum vouchers as follows:

· The $1 million The Showdown (2YO) and the $500,000 VOBIS Sires Guineas (3YO) are exclusive to horses nominated to the VOBIS Platinum program;

· VOBIS Platinum vouchers (formerly VOBIS Sires Boost) of $30,000 are offered exclusively for VOBIS Sires progeny on each of the 250 VOBIS Gold races (on top of the $20,000 cash bonus). The VOBIS Platinum vouchers can be redeemed at eligible sales, used to offset the cost of a VOBIS Sires stallion service fee or with an approved syndicator.


VOBIS Sires is the dedicated breeding component of the program. Stallions standing at stud farms must be paid up to VOBIS Sires for their progeny to be eligible for VOBIS Platinum.

The VOBIS Sires program encourages support of Victorian-based stallions and provides investors with the opportunity to share in additional prize-money, bonuses and vouchers by doing so.

VOBIS Eligibility

Base eligibility for VOBIS is determined via three categories, with horses required to fulfil one of the following criteria to be eligible for VOBIS Silver (and any subsequent upgrade to VOBIS Gold):

A. Victorian Sired – a yearling sired by a stallion which stood in Victoria during the breeding season in which it was conceived; or

B. Victorian Breedback – a yearling whose dam was served by a stallion which stood in Victoria during the following year’s breeding season; or

C. Victorian Breeder – a yearling which is not eligible for the first two categories but is at least 50 per cent owned by a Victorian based breeder(s) at the time of its birth.

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