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The $1.5 million VOBIS Sires annual race series squarely supports Victorian breeders and Victorian sires. VOBIS Sires now offers $7.5 million in the form of $30,000 vouchers on all VOBIS Gold races for the progeny of a VOBIS Sire who wins the race. This means the VOBIS program offers in excess of $30.5 million in prizemoney and bonuses.


Stud farm information

There are a great range of farms in Victoria to assist you with picking a place for your mare and foal to call home. Thoroughbred Breeders Australia's comprehensive listing will ensure you find the right location.


Superannuation updates for employers

Superannuation is a vital part of any role. Our friends at Nationwide Super have the latest information on your obligations as an employer and your entitlements as an employee. 

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Work, health and safety

The safety of our staff is always at the forefront of our minds as employers. The work health and safety space is an ever changing environment as regulatory bodies update their stance on safety and all businesses can improve their processes. 

If you looking for some information or you want to learn more, click below. 


Mental Health support 

Just like with horse welfare, we take the welfare of our participants seriously. That is why Thoroughbred Breeders Australia have set up the stud staff support line. 

The Stud Staff Support Line provides access to free, independent and confidential face-to-face or phone counselling sessions at a time and location of your choosing. 


Aushorse Investors guide

We believe there is no better place to race a horse than in Australia. Ours is a country that embraces racing: with one in every 254 people involved in racehorse ownership; where our prizemoney is booming; where we breed world class horses; and where owners can enjoy a unique experience at the track in some of the world’s greatest races.

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VOBIS Information

The VOBIS Scheme encourages investment in the Victorian breeding industry and rewards owners and breeders who invest in Victorian Bloodstock.

The program offers in excess of $30.5 million in prizemoney and bonuses and the pinacle race day is the Victorian Owners and Breeders race day held in April every year.


Industry award information

The breeding industry is covered by the Pastoral Award. The award sets out pay entitlements, hours and information about overtime. The link to the Fair Work Commission below, will help you to answer any questions you may have.


Insurance information for farms

Our loyal supporters at Surewise will take the time to understand you and your business, working together to tailor an effective risk transfer and risk management solution. Insurance is a must when it comes to horses and Surewise take the complexity out of it. 


Debt recovery information

Do you have some outstanding invoices which need pursuing or do you have a question about how to start a debt recovery process? Our friends at Thoroughbred Recoveries are industry insiders who get results. They are a boutique debt recovery agency with a focus on the equine, and thoroughbred industry.



Are you looking to get into the industry but not sure how? We have the program for you. Currently TBA run a Fast Track program which takes in students from all across Australia. Victoria has established the Victorian Breeding Academy which Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria look forward to launching in the near future. 


Racing Australia Fact Book

The Racing Australia Fact Book is a crucial guide to the Australian Thoroughbred industry. The Fact Book incorporates racing statistics, breeding statistics, ownership statistics including syndicate ownership trends, wagering results, plus much more. 

If you need statistics or want to learn more about the Australian industry, read more below.

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