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Meet Harry Woodard

Harry Woodard has joined the TBV Board

Stable Financial’s Harry Woodard has joined the Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria Board as Treasurer, and we wanted all of our members to get to know exactly who Harry is and why we have appointed him into this role.

Q: Where did your passion for thoroughbreds begin, Harry?

A: I have been involved in the industry my whole life. I grew up on the family farm which was Yallambee Stud until I was about 18-years-old, where I then went to University. We stood stallions and took drafts to the yearling sales so I have very much been involved with the industry since I was a kid.

Q: Where did you study and what did you study at University?

A: I went to Uni in Geelong where I studied Commerce with majors in Accounting and Financial Planning. I continued working at the farm throughout my degree to pay for my studies, but about half-way through I felt the need to get back into the industry, and it was recommended that I give Adam Tims a call from Stable Financial, and to do some work experience there before giving up on my Uni course. In doing this, I was able to recognise how you can still have an influence and input in the breeding and racing industry through other avenues than just being on property, or just being in racing stables.

Q: How long have you been working with Stable Financial?

A: I completed my studies at University and ended up going from a casual role to a full-time opportunity and since then I have been working here for about 13 years, well coming up 13 years in October. I studied CPA (Certified Public Accountant), so I have my CPA ticket. In 2018 I was accredited with the MYOB Young Accountant of The Year for the work that we were doing at Stable Financial. This was an award for accountants under (the age of) 35, working mainly in small business. It was based around innovation for that year, so I was pretty proud of that award. The guidance I get from Adam is really important to me as he is very knowledgeable in the industry and has as much of it as anybody both from an accounting sense, but also operationally.

Q: How do you believe Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria serves its Victorian breeders?

A: My passion has always been in the breeding side of the industry, so I am very passionate about protecting the breeders. This includes making sure that the breeders are recognised correctly – I think it is too easy to appreciate the trainers and jockeys from the public perception in terms of the thoroughbred racing industry. The breeders need the recognition that they deserve because at the end of the day, it’s the breeders that develop the product and provide the market with everything that is required for the racing industry. My belief is that the core of the industry belongs to the breeders and its most important that we recognise their efforts and assist them as best we can.

Q: What impact do you hope to make at Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria?

A: This position is something that I have been eyeing off for a while. It is something that I’ve wanted to be involved with given it’s a Board that suits my passion in breeding. When the opportunity arose, I jumped at it, and I was very fortunate that I’d worked with Jason Brown for a long time, so I had a close relationship with him. Once he flagged his interest to move on from that position, I obviously jumped at it and threw my hat in the ring. I am very grateful to get the support from James O’Brien and the entirety of the TBV Board. In terms of my skillset, I believe I bring something very unique in that I have 20-years farming experience, albeit as a child growing up, but witnessing it all happen and actively working. I then also have 13-years of accounting experience and CPA which brings out the Treasurer side in me, but also having that strong understanding of the breeding industry is what is I find quite unique.

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