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AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program Open Call

Following the recent endorsement of the AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program RD&E Plan 2022-2027 (the Plan), AgriFutures Australia has identified specific research areas which are the focus of the current Open Call. Investing in projects aligned with the research, development and extension priorities and objectives of the industry ensures that AgriFutures Australia is investing in research that meets industry needs. AgriFutures Australia is seeking proposals that address at least one of the following areas:

  • projects that result in animal welfare best practice among thoroughbred horse industry participants focusing on addressing recommendations from the Thoroughbred Aftercare Welfare Working Group report

  • technology and/or innovation to support natural mating techniques

  • improvements in breeding outcomes with a focus on pre and post-natal care of mares, and birth of foals with a high likelihood of healthy development

  • understanding the economic contribution of the thoroughbred breeding industry to the Australian economy.

A webinar will be held on Monday, 13 March 2023 at 1pm (AEDT) to provide researchers with an opportunity to discuss the Open Call with AgriFutures Australia research managers.

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