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Australia will host a race worth a million dollars or more every four days in 2023, and prizemoney across the country has soared 92% in the past decade.

These statistics and more are included in the latest Aushorse Investor’s Guide, which is released today.

The annual Investor’s Guide pulls together the latest information on the Australian industry and is essential reading for anybody involved in racing or breeding globally.

Another key statistic out of the guide is that average prizemoney per race in Australia – almost $46,000 – is far higher than other jurisdictions such as America, France, Ireland or the United Kingdom.

And it is not just in prizemoney that Australia leads the way, but also the quality of racing: in five of the past seven years Australia has hosted more of the top rated Group One races than any other jurisdiction.

“Australia is enjoying a golden age when it comes to the thoroughbred industry. We have a great funding model that gives owners a real chance to get a return on their investment and the sport has tremendous backing across society,” says Tom Reilly, chief executive of Aushorse.

Despite the riches on offer, the Guide shows that it is more affordable to invest in Australia than in Europe or North America, with the price of the top colts and fillies significantly lower than in other yearling markets.

Looking at average prices for the top 50 colts and fillies over the past five years, Australia (US$763,289 colts, $550,110 fillies), compares favourably with Europe (US$980,206 colts, $883,073 fillies) and America (US$1,006,980 colts, $828,520 fillies).​

“I get a lot of feedback from people around the world commenting on the Investor’s Guide, it certainly gets a lot of cut through,” says Aushorse chairman, Antony Thompson. “If you’re investing in a significant scale in the global bloodstock industry, then the Guide makes clear that you really need to be involved here.”

Among the other important statistics in the Investor’s Guide is the fact that a greater proportion of Group One winners are offered for sale in Australia than other countries.

The Investor’s Guide was originally produced with an international audience in mind, but has proved to be an important marketing tool for trainers, syndicators and bloodstock agents.

“When we published it last year I had three prominent syndicators tell me they sent it straight out to all their clients as it made such a compelling case for racehorse ownership and I’ve had many similar comments from trainers,” explains Reilly.

The Investor’s Guide is available at and has been designed to be easily viewed from mobile devices.

“As we approach the sales season the Investor’s Guide really puts forward a great argument to why there is no better place to invest in ownership than Australia,” says Magic Millions managing director, Barry Bowditch.

Inglis chief executive of bloodstock sales, Sebastian Hutch, also complimented the publication, saying: “Australian racing is the gold standard: the opportunities, the affordability, the prizemoney and of course the spectacle of the racing itself are all just incredible.

“There has never been a better time to be involved in horse racing in Australia and the Investors Guide illustrates that vividly.”

As well as being available in a digital version, printed copies of the Investor’s Guide will be posted with the Aushorse annual magazine to some 4,500 major players in the global bloodstock industry. The Guide is also translated into Chinese and sent to every owner in Hong Kong, as well as many of the major owners in mainland China.

For more information contact Tom Reilly on 0423 146 334

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