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McLaughlin appointed Swettenham, Stud Manager

Adam McLaughlin parading Highland Reel Swettenham

Victoria’s Swettenham Stud has appointed a new Stud Manager with Adam McLaughlin appointed the position.

McLaughlin previously spent the 2021 breeding season at Swettenham Stud, accompanying Highland Reel who was shuttling from Coolmore Ireland.

McLaughlin and his family moved to Australia for this position given the amazing staff he worked with in his time in Victoria, and given the major opportunity that presented itself to work full-time with one of Australia’s most renowned farms.

“Coming from Coolmore, they send a person with their stallions when sending them to other farms, and I was the one who came with Highland Reel in 2021,” McLaughlin said.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. It was a great group of people and most of them are still here. When the opportunity presented itself to come back, it just felt like the right time for me and my family to make the move.”

“It was just a conversation between me and my partner, and it was a matter of ‘well if not now than when’.”

Swettenham is renowned for its rich breeding and racing history, and McLaughin said that it is special to now be a part of such a distinguished farm.

“The Sangster family and the Sangster silks are known by anybody in racing,” he said.

“In my first year coming here, I didn’t know what to expect, but after seeing the culture that comes from Adam Sangster and seeing the way that he is, I knew that this was a place that I wanted to be working at.”

When asked about the role, McLaughlin said that he will undertake the general duties of a Stud Manager, but does aim to bring in a leadership approach to encourage staff to learn, increasing their skillset and knowledge in the industry to pave their way going forward with their careers.

“It will just be complete control over the farm, maintenance management and staff management,” McLaughlin said.

“We are very lucky here at Swettenham that we do everything bar yearling prep, which allows our staff to access all areas and expand their capabilities.

“I want to bring people forward with me in my role. I am very much wanting to encourage people that are trying to learn, where if they want to learn or do extra things, the opportunities will be there for them.”

“Just bringing people forward, that’s one of my big things that I will be working on.”

McLaughlin commenced his duties as Stud Manager on July 10 ahead of what will be a busy breeding season for Swettenham Stud.

“I am pretty much straight into the thick of it, but I think that is the best way to be.”

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