We are pleased to welcome Justin Darcy to Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria (TBV) in his new role as the Media & Marketing Officer.

Justin has always had a passion for racing and the thoroughbred, attending races since he could walk, where he quickly developed a love for the horse.

One of his first loves in racing, a horse named Charles In Charge, a gelding that his parents partially owned. Justin would be allowed to take the odd day off of school in his home town of Traralgon to attend the races as all he would do is talk about ‘Charlie’.

“Charlie will always hold a special place in my heart and is a big reason why I have landed the experience and opportunities I have to this date,” Justin said.

“I remember when I was 12, walking out of school and thinking I hope Charlie jumped out well today.

“Given that I am from Traralgon, it was hard to get to the races every weekend. He took both my parents and myself for an awesome ride as we attended the majority of his 30-odd race starts.”

Recently Charles in Charge, who was raced by Dream Thoroughbreds, was featured in a segment about OTT horses organised through the Melbourne Racing Club.

When Justin was 14 and 15, racing was constantly on in the background and he started talking to industry participants in racing media, knowing that working somewhere in racing was his dream.

In year ten, Justin completed his work experience with then Caulfield trainer John Sadler, and was learning how to clock horses, and the process of how horses are worked in the early hours of the morning, before watching and taking in the vet process of a thoroughbred.

“Working with John Sadler was a great opportunity for me to learn the reality of some participants. It is not just the glitz and glam you see on TV,” Justin stated.

“Although it was only one week of work, it opened my eyes and made me realise how much participants love their horses and dedication they have to this sport, something I truly admire.”

Justin would spend his Thursday and Friday mornings before school studying form and looking into the basics of pedigrees of horses running on the metropolitan Saturday meeting. That is where his interest sparked in the breeding side of the industry.

In 2019, freshly out of his Year 12 studies, Justin was presented the opportunity to work as an editor for a freshly developed website, Bets.com.au, where he was required to provide race previews and interview some of racing’s leading participants.

Justin also began work in 2019 with the Melbourne Racing Club as a Racing Officer along with joining the team at Racing.com as a social media freelancer, both of which he is still doing on a casual/contract basis on weekends and week nights.

Fast forward 12-months and Justin was director of Buyaracehorse.com.au. This was an opportunity which ultimately led to meeting with former TBV Executive Officer Charmein Bukovec, who quickly took Justin under her wing, giving him both media and marketing tasks under the TBV brand.

“My stint with Buy A Racehorse lasted a touch over 12-months, but it was a true blessing as taking on this role led me to meet Charmein in a webinar that I conducted,” Justin mentioned.

“The opportunity Charmein has given me over the last year is something I will be forever grateful for.

“Everything she has taught me to date and shown me about the breeding industry is invaluable and given I am still seen as a young guy in the industry, she has trusted me and treated me as if I have been in the game for 20-years.”

In 2021, Justin was named the join-recipient of the Victoria Racing Media Association (VRMA) Black Caviar Scholarship, where he has undertaken work experience with Michael Sharkie at Leneva Park, Nick Quinn at RSN & Sky Racing, along with participating in the VRMA Awards, actively engaging in the awards process.

Justin has been working seven-day weeks for the last 18-months, always looking to engage in opportunities to learn all facets of the industry in both breeding and racing. He has undertaken recent work at the Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale and Inglis Chairman’s Sale, working alongside Charmein with more responsibility on his shoulders.

“I cannot wait to get stuck into this new role with TBV, with my priority always being to impact the industry positively.”

We are excited to have Justin on board more permanently at TBV as our new Media & Marketing Officer, and we wish him the very best of luck.

To contact Justin, please refer to the following details:

Mob: 0411366049

Email: tbvmedia@racingvictoria.net.au