As you will be aware, the Rules of Racing have been amended to now include the breeding industry. These changes came into being on the 1st of August and apply to breeders upon submitting mare returns.

Below is the latest update in relation to this important issue from Basil Nolan, President of Thoroughbred Breeders Australia.


A huge number of breeders have contacted Thoroughbred Breeders Australia to register their opposition to the attempt by Racing Australia to bring breeders under the rules of racing.

More than 1,200 breeders have completed our online survey on this issue and the overwhelming majority – more than three-quarters – believe racing’s takeover of breeding will damage our industry.

If you haven’t already filled out the survey please do so HERE.

I said in my last message on this subject that we are awaiting legal advice regarding the introduction of these new rules of racing and that remains the case. I also said in that message that breeders should feel comfortable deferring lodging their mare returns until we obtain legal advice.

However, with the foaling season well and truly under way, we feel it is right to assist breeders in stating their opposition more formally, while also enabling them to lodge their mare returns (especially without giving the stud book money for late fees).

TBA has drafted a letter with its lawyers which allows breeders to state that they have agreed to the new rules of the Australian Stud Book (including agreeing to be bound by the rules of racing) because they had no choice.

Click here to download: Breeders’ protest letter to the Stud Book & Racing Australia

The letter also clearly states the new rules are “unfair and invalid” and reserves all legal rights to challenge those rules.

If you are going to lodge a mare return and want to protect your legal rights we urge you to provide us with a copy of your signature which we will attach to a larger letter of protest (in the same form as the letter attached).

If you have already provided your signature for previous TBA correspondence please confirm you are happy for it to be used in this letter.

You can provide us your signature by simply signing a blank piece of paper and scanning it and sending to (please remember to print your name as well).

If you would also like to send in a letter individually, please use the copy attached to this email and send it to the keeper of the stud book at: (if you do this please let us know by emailing

We will continue to keep you updated on this issue in the coming days and weeks.

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