Last Wednesday morning Geelong-based breeder Jacinta Rooney woke to the tragic news that her broodmare, Pink Shimmer, had passed away.

Previously owned by her grandfather, Jacinta was grateful for the generosity he showed when the decision was made to give the mare to her.

Pink Shimmer was the first broodmare Jacinta was ever personally involved with, which made this a devastating and sentimental loss.

The complications for the heavily-in-foal Pink Shimmer began when she showed signs of colic Tuesday last week. She was subsequently transferred to Werribee Equine Centre to receive treatment.

Despite delivering her Toorak Toff filly on Wednesday morning, Pink Shimmer had suffered fatal gastro-intestinal trauma, leaving the newborn filly without a mother and in desperate need of a foster mare.

With the support from the team at Rosemont Stud, Jacinta began reaching out to the breeding community in search of a foster mare.

It was at this stage that Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria became aware of the situation and relayed the plea with breeders online via social media.

Within a few hours, the message had spread far and wide; breeders from all over the country empathised with this heartbreaking story, and rallied to find a foster mare for the orphaned foal.

Popping up everywhere on social media news feeds, the support was truly overwhelming.

“Everyone was so amazing,” Jacinta said.

Just ten short hours after the filly’s birth, Rosemont was contacted by Jo Hunt from New South Wales. In a lucky turn of fate, Jo had one foster mare remaining from a broodmare band of around 80, and offered to transport the mare down to Rosemont’s property near Geelong.

TBV is delighted to report that the mare has accepted the orphaned filly, now affectionately called ‘Pink Toffee’, and both are doing well.

Pink Toffee at Rosemont Stud
Pink Toffee and foster mare grazing at Rosemont

“The foal is amazing and it’s really quite remarkable. You wouldn’t even know she’d lost her mum. She’s jumping around spritely and is really strong, and the mum’s taken to her really well,” explained Jacinta.

TBV would like to thank the breeding community for the tremendous online response and show of support for Jacinta and her orphaned foal.

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