Racing Victoria has agreed, through its Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Advisory (TOBA) Panel, to undertake a review of Super VOBIS.

With the introduction of the TBV initiated VOBIS Gold in 2011, there is now more than $20 million in VOBIS bonuses and prizemoney on offer to Victorian bred horses every year. The $1.5 million VOBIS Sires scheme, also a proposal of TBV, will also start in 2018/2019. It is a world leading scheme but there is always scope for improvement.

TBV wants to ensure Super VOBIS:

  • continues to deliver returns to breeders, showcases Victorian bred horses and increases investment in the State’s breeding industry.
  • is efficient, that is, the forms are straightforward to fill out and can be submitted easily while payments to and from breeders and owners payments are processed in a timely and correct manner
  • finally, we want to ensure the nominations system has ongoing integrity – and only eligible horses are accepted.

Below is a form to fill out which is then submited to TBV for consideration in its review submission to RV’s TOBA panel. It would be appreciated if you submitted any feedback by May 10. You don’t have to answer every question.

Below the form is some background to VOBIS for your guidance and assistance.




tbv-logo-transparent-150pxVOBIS – A Quick Summary

VOBIS stands for the Victorian Owners and Breeders Incentive Scheme  First introduced in Victoria in 1985, VOBIS is a world-leading incentive scheme which has successfully increased ongoing investment in the Victorian breeding industry.

In season 2015/2016, more than $20 million of prize money and bonuses are on offer across Victoria’s two lucrative owners’ and breeders’ incentive schemes, Super VOBIS and VOBIS Gold.


Super VOBIS is a world leading incentive scheme designed to reward owners and breeders who invest in Victorian bloodstock.

Eligible horses can race for up to $10 million worth of Super VOBIS bonuses. All two and three-year-old races in Victoria carry a Super VOBIS bonus in 2015-16 along with many maiden staying races.

Further to this, once nominated for Super VOBIS, horses are eligible to be nominated for the VOBIS Gold incentive scheme.

How it works

The nominator (i.e. breeder or owner) pays a one-off Super VOBIS nomination fee for each eligible foal. There are 3 categories (each with a different nomination fee) in which a horse is eligible for Super VOBIS.

  1. a) Victorian-sired foal – $660 nominator’s fee (due by 1 February of the year the animal is a yearling)
  2. b) Breedback – where an interstate-sired foal whose dam visits a Victorian stallion in the year her foal is born – $1320 nominator’s fee (due by 1 February of the year the animal is a yearling)
  3. c) Interstate-sired foal whose dam (at the time of birth) is owned by a Victorian breeder. The foal and dam must have resided in Victoria for 6-continuous months between when the foal was born and the due date of Super VOBIS nominations. $1980 nominator’s fee


Introduced in 2012, VOBIS Gold is a multi-million dollar incentive scheme created to complement the Super VOBIS incentive scheme.

VOBIS Gold is offers a total of $5 million in bonuses throughout the 2015/16 racing season, with 250 bonuses races programmed across a variety of tracks and classes including all ages of horses.

Nominated horses are also eligible to race in the exclusive VOBIS Gold Premier Race Series, where horses will race for $2.8 million in prize money and bonuses over 15 races (in the 2015/16 racing season).

Entry into the VOBIS Gold program is a one-off $1100 (inc GST) nomination fee paid by the owner/s and is only available for Super VOBIS-nominated yearlings. The State Government also pays $1100 into the scheme for every horse nominated.

VOBIS Gold Nominations open in May when the animal is a yearling and close in the following August.


VOBIS Sires logo white background


The progeny of Victorian stallions nominated to VOBIS Sires will be eligible to compete in two exclusive races on the annual Victorian Owners and Breeders Raceday, currently held in April at Caulfield:

  • a $1 million two-year-old race over 1200 metres to be run for the first time in April 2019; and
  • a minimum $500,000 three-year-old race over 1600 metres to be run for the first time in April 2020.

The 2016 foal crop – this season’s coverings – will be the first eligible for the $1.5 million VOBIS Sires feature races should their Victorian-based sire be entered into the scheme.

To build towards the introduction of VOBIS Sires in 2018/2019, two races for Victorian sired horses will be run on the annual Victorian Owners & Breeders Day:

  • A $300,000 race (1200m) for Victorian sired two-year-olds in 2017 and 2018; and
  • A $300,000 race (1600m) for Victorian sired three-year-olds in 2018 and 2019.

For these introductory races, it is not necessary for a sire to be nominated to VOBIS Sires – all progeny of Victorian sired horses which are nominated to VOBIS Gold will be eligible to enter.

Nomination fees are paid annually by owners of Victorian based sires and are based the sire’s advertised service fee and the number of mares covered during the breeding season.

Full information on the VOBIS programs can be found at the Racing Victoria VOBIS webpage.

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