PREP stands for Planning, Resources, Energy & People – four factors that “Inside The Stables” founder Vanessa Hawkins believe are the vital tools to success, longevity and health of any profitable equine business.

“The thoroughbred industry is as much about the people as it is about the horses, and the key is connecting the two,” Hawkins said.

With the key letters explained of PREP – PLANNING involves managing short- and long-term goals and marketing strategies for growth and change. RESOURCES include managing your team of workers, property maintenance, development, and online technology. ENERGY is managing the ability to stay focused, motivated and prepared.  Finally, PEOPLE relates to managing recruitment, training and retention.

With the industry currently in the middle of a busy yearling sales cycle, Hawkins wants to share her ideas and advice with breeders so they can achieve their best results to date.

“It is essential that you are prepared and organised to ensure your sales and marketing strategy is going to maximise your return on investment on the day of the sale, including a pre-sale as well as a post-sale plan.”

“While implementing leadership strategies to prepare your staff to be focussed, productive, polished and in tune with your business objectives and corporate ethos. This, in turn, will ensure you are a stand out success, showcasing your professional brand and horses to the best of their ability, in a highly competitive marketplace.”

“PREP will endeavour to present specifically tailored plans and creative solutions to help tune-up your team with leadership, training and management strategies to bolster your human and equine capital, whilst maximising physical and online resources.”

The team at prep offer a diverse collection of skills, knowledge and understanding, drawn from our backgrounds in the horse industry teamed with professional experience in the government, sales and corporate sectors.

Vanessa Hawkins is a project and ideas developer, a motivational speaker, lecturer, coach, author, business consultant, event organiser, creative marketing strategist and problem solver. Her family has bred, raised and raced thoroughbreds and she has worked throughout the industry for years in prominent studs and stables. She has her own Equine Sports Breeding (ESB) program, which has produced over 300 performance horses, including 11 stallions and the sire of Beijing Olympic Silver Medallist, Irish Jester. 

Hawkins is supported by horse lover Jaki Halliday, who is a qualified organisational coach and HR professional. She is a former practising commercial solicitor, law lecturer and company director. Jaki specialises on career planning, how to work more effectively and how to navigate through change, team building, workplace challenges and opportunities. 

David Hawkins is the Managing Director of SOCOM, who are crisis and issue management specialists. With 30 years’ experience in the PR profession, community engagement and government relations, he has developed a world-class crisis leadership training program. 

“Key issues in the horse industry are finding staff and keeping staff. Employees want to learn new skills and feel valued. We want to help people and businesses be productive, achieve their professional goals and communicate effectively, thus increasing retention.  When colleagues work together for the same common outcome, workplaces become happy, safe, dynamic and constructive.”

“Additionally, having a crisis management plan in place is essential. Be it a human or horse accident, a disease outbreak, a bushfire, flood or a financial emergency, a crisis plan will give managers and staff the tools to cope, survive and recover if an unfortunate event occurs.”

For more information on how PREP can help your equine business, please contact Vanessa Hawkins at Euroa Horse Park on 0417 363 710 or

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