Queensland studmaster Basil Nolan has succeeded Trevor Lobb as President of Thoroughbred Breeders Australia.

The announcement was made after a joint meeting of the TBA board and Aushorse Marketing on the Gold Coast.

Nolan is the current president of Thoroughbred Breeders Queensland (TBQA) and, with his wife Diane, owns Raheen Stud in the Gladfield Valley.  He has served on the TBQA board since 1969 and on the national body since 2005.

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“Trevor’s resignation is a big loss to the TBA and I’m sad to see him go,” Nolan said.  “I’m honoured to be taking on the role and have enormous shoes to fill.  Trevor is an industry icon and has done a tremendous job in his position, particularly during the Equine Influenza outbreak and with the A.I. Court battle.”

Lobb served as President since September 2008.  “I have known Basil for over 30 years, and sincerely wish him all the best as he assumes the mantle.

“During my time on the TBA board, Australia weathered the negative effects of the Equine Influenza outbreak as well as the GFC, causing the strongest correction to the Australian foal crop in history,” he said.  “The establishment of Aushorse Marketing streamlined operations and deliver more value for the breeder.

“TBA and other stakeholders have worked in a unified manner to most importantly defend the right for the Australian Thoroughbred to compete and be exported internationally.  By standing with the Joint Proprietors of the Australian Stud Book and the Australian Racing Board (against A.I.), breeders have helped guarantee the future of our great sport.”

In a further change, TBA Chief Executive Chauncey Morris informed both boards of his intention to return to the United States for personal reasons by early August 2014.  A search for a new CEO will begin immediately.  Both boards also unanimously decided to explore a merger between TBA and Aushorse Marketing.

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