Cathy Hains joined the TBV Committee in 2012 and is a committed devotee of Victorian horse breeding and racing. Her primary production property Burnewang North is based in far Northern Victoria.

Cathy’s background has been steeped in some memorable moments in Australian racing. The Hains family’s association with Kingston Park and the Kingston horses has been an inspiration over the past 30 years. Nowadays, her business pursuits are commercially orientated and her goal as part of the TBV and as a commercial breeder is to try and help build public awareness, involvement and enjoyment in the breeding and racing industry.

Cathy believes that participants in the Industry should be provided with as much professional, honest and transparent information as possible when it comes to all aspects of breeding and racing and that these ends can be met with the help of Industry groups working more cohesively for the all those involved. She also believes that Victoria has evolved back into the forefront of the Australian Breeding Industry and is the home of the best broodmares farms of the present and future.

Her interests include broad acre farming and cropping, protecting and maintaining Water resources in Victoria and helping to elevate the perception of the Victoria Industry right back up to where it belongs as prime producer of some of Australia’s most outstanding current racehorses.