Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) recently commissioned Meredith Flash to trace the 2005 Victorian foal crop through their race careers and into retirement, Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria (TBV) needs the help of the breeders to complete this project.

Of the 4100 horses born in 2005 there are still over 700 horses with no results/records (unknown). The majority of these horses are unraced both named and unnamed. In the next few weeks Meredith will be contacting the breeders of Victoria for any information on these ‘unknown’ horses.

The horses are being classified by the first place they go to after exiting the racing industry: at stud, deceased, interstate, overseas, unknown or retired. If they go on to be retired what type of home do they go to: pet, pleasure horse, eventing, show jumping, broodmare for non-thoroughbreds or show horse.

The aim of the study is to look at ways to improve the traceability of horses as they transition from the studs to the race tracks and determine what type of home the horses go to after exiting the racing industry.

There is a gap between when the horses are DNA typed for the studbook and when they are named around the time of their first trial. This group of horses (unnamed) makes up approximately 20% of the total horses in this study.

It would be of benefit to the industry to have these horses moved to a classification other than ‘unknown’.

If you have retired racehorses born in 2005 or any other relevant information please contact TBV at or 0439 328 310 and we will put you in contact with Meredith from RVL.

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