TBV Media Statement in response to ABC 7.30

Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria (TBV) is sickened by the images portrayed on the ABC 7.30 program which aired last night.

TBV condemns the inhumane treatment of horses shown in the program.

“I am extremely saddened to see the way horses have been treated in the footage aired last night,” said Charmein Bukovec, Executive Officer of TBV.

“Anyone who has mistreated any horse, whether thoroughbred or not, should have the full force of the law brought down upon them,” Ms. Bukovec said.

“While there are rehoming programs in place, we need to continue to strengthen these programs.”

“There have been Victorian breeders named in the airing of last nights program who are extremely distressed by the footage and take the nature of these claims extremely seriously.”

“The industry and the public need to have faith and confidence about what happens to horses when they leave racing.”