For those who know Nioka, the first thing that you will notice, is her infectious smile and her love for

Nioka Wozny is the principal at Moorookyle Park which is located in Smeaton and set on a generous
160 acres, only 15 minutes from where she was born and raised in Clunes, Victoria.

Moorooklye Park is a boutique operation, which looks after each horse as an individual and giving
them personalised care and attention based on their requirements.

Originally established around eight years ago, Moorooklye Park focusses on everything from foaling
down, yearling and weanling sale prep, walk-ons, race horse spelling and rehabilition. In addition to
standing stallions; Ustinov, Jayemzed, Cecconi and Rockaroundtheclock.

Like most in our industry, her love affair with horses started young. A pony named Shandy, a
registered Appaloosa x Palouse pony stole Nioka’s heart and has been in her life for quite some time.

“My forty-year-old pony in the paddock, Shandy, I have had her since she was eight. I grew up with
her and she is still spritely, she trots off on me every day when I need to give her medication.” Nioka
laughs. “She was the first horse I ever attended any competition on.”

Nioka’s forty year old pony, Shandy

Prior to deciding to quit her day job and follow her passion for horses, Nioka studied Agronomy at
University and had a successful career as a logistics manager for a large company. However, this
wasn’t enough for Nioka and she felt as though something was missing in her life.

“I decided I needed to fulfil my dream and I wanted to be with horses all the time, they just feel like
home to me,” she enthused.

This is when Moorooklye Park was born and Nioka has not looked back since. Nioka thinks that there
is something so special about being involved in our industry, especially when it comes to the
breeding season,

Nioka Wozny thinks one of the most special things is when a new foal enters our world.

“When you are outside at night at 2:00am and you have just foaled a horse down and you watch the
foal get up and nurse for the first time. I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing that. I would say that is
one of my biggest winning moments, because you have planned the mating and see it all the way
through to the foal being born.”

“Those sorts of moments are the ones that make me tick, I feel very privileged to be part of and experience that, you feel so present and are really living in the moment at that time.”

Nioka Wozny with one of her new foals on the farm

Nioka has such a connection with her horses that they become so dear to her, that parting ways with
them at the sales, is no easy feat and she has been known to retain a share in them.

One horse which she shares a strong connection with, is one of her stallions, Ustinov.

“I originally noticed him on Gavel house and then two days later I flew over to see him and that was
it, I purchased him. Ustinov would be very dear to me, as he was my first stallion I ever owned, and
he has been very kind to me in the process. Because of him, I developed the confidence to have the
other stallions that I stand on the farm now.”

Nioka’s beloved stallion, Ustinov (Daniel Sallat)

In the little spare time that Nioka has, she is an avid traveller and on one of her most recent trips,
while in Mongolia, horses were still a focus and she couldn’t get enough of the foals that she came

She is also a very keen skydiver and has just gained her ticket to be able to conduct solo dives. When
pressed about this hobby, Nioka beams, “Some people would say I am a bit of an adrenalin junky,

When asked if she had a mentor or someone she looked up to, she quickly responded with Pauline
Liston of Three Bridges Thoroughbreds.

“I love Pauline Liston. She is a true horsewoman and works as hard as the day is long, she is definitely someone I look up to and aspire to be like”.

And what advice would she give to someone wanting to get involved in the industry?

“My advice would be to go around and work at as many places as you can, listen to as many people
who have been in the industry and have experience. Those guys are a wealth of knowledge, go and hang out with them”.

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