An encounter at Heytesbury Stud in Perth, over 16 years ago is responsible for Heartford Thoroughbreds, a boutique broodmare farm located in Romsey.

Candice and Christoph were working for Heytesbury Stud, when they first met and the rest as they say is history.

Christoph and Candice bonded over their love of animals and after a year, Christoph relocated to Victoria to be with Candice.

Their travels saw them go to America and then onto Ireland for six months before coming back to Australia to work at Eliza Park to start their dream they had held close to their hearts.

Candice was their foaling manager and Christoph worked for Eliza Park for three seasons before heading up the stallion division.

With twelve seasons at Heartford under their belt, Christoph and Candice Jentsch could not have imagined that their encounter would have led to a successful business on their dream farm, two beautiful daughters, a staffy named Esther, five chickens and a cat to boot.

Christoph was originally born in Germany, where a love of animals saw him become a sheep farmer before a transition in his career led to work on one of the oldest trotting farms just out of Hamburg, Germany. The farm had both trotting horses and Thoroughbreds and as time progressed Christoph found himself more involved in the breeding side of the farm.

Christoph enjoyed it so much, his career saw him head to Ireland where he worked for Castlehyde for six years. Castlehyde gave Christoph endless opportunities and one of these opportunities was to come to Australia. He then spent one season in New Zealand before coming back to Australia and meeting his now-wife, Candice.

“One day I passed the farm and was meant to tell Candice and had forgotten. Candice had been on the internet and had found a beautiful farm but sadly it was off the market. We decided to call the agent and he said, I can show you a few farms and he started driving in that direction and stopped directly in front of the farm we both picked out.” Christoph said with a smile on his face.

The farm was quickly snapped up by the pair and Heartford Thoroughbreds was born. The farm is a picturesque farm set on 40 acres but with access to 80. Christoph and Candice pride themselves on being a boutique broodmare farm which foals down between 25- 30 foals a season.

Heartford Thoroughbreds are a boutique farm located in Romsey

“We have had loyal clients that have been with us since the beginning, it is a real honour.” Christoph remarked.

With many horses that they are very proud of that have come been bred and foaled at their farm, when Christoph was asked which one held a special place in his heart, without a second thought, ‘Show a Star’ was the horse which as Christoph says has ‘brought us so much joy and fun’.

The gelding who is now retired at Heartford Thoroughbreds, where he was bred, born and raised. He was trained by Bjorn Baker and Matt Cumani and won eight of his 32 starts. He was the first foal Christoph and Candice bred and owned.

The Jentsch family with Show a Star with Matt Cumani after winning Race 5, the Peter Jackson Handicap at Caulfield Racecourse on May 14, 2015 in Caulfield, Australia. (Brett Holburt/Racing Photos)


When asked what advice Christoph would give to someone wanting to get involved in the industry, Christoph shared these words:

“If you are willing to go down this path, try to see as much as you can and that’s the great thing with our industry, so many doors can open. You have the opportunities and you can travel from one sale to another, while it may be exhausting it is incredible. You can see places, you never would have thought of before.”