Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria (TBV) members returned Jenny Moodie, Garry Cuddy and Jason Brown to the Board at yesterday’s annual general meeting (AGM).

Garry and Jason were appointed to the Board in October 2020 after filling vacancies left after the resignations of Adam Sangster and Adam Tims from the TBV Board.

In accordance with the rules, they resubmitted themselves for election at this AGM, following their appointments.

TBV President, James O’Brien commented, “I would like to congratulate Jenny Moodie, Garry Cuddy and Jason Brown for securing their three-year terms.”

“The skills which Jenny, Garry and Jason bring to the committee complement the existing skills and ensures the Board is a diverse, representative cross-section of the Victorian industry,” he said.

Earlier in the year, James O’Brien thanked Adam Sangster and Adam Tims for their tenure and service to the Victorian breeding industry, commenting,

“Their significant contributions were greatly appreciated by the Board and the Victorian breeding industry. They will be sorely missed by all.”

The TBV Board is currently made up of James O’Brien as President, Kayley Johnson and Sam Fairgray as Vice-Presidents, Jason Brown as Treasurer, Roger Langley, Jenny Moodie, Garry Cuddy, Toby Liston and Andy Makiv.

The President’s report will be available to TBV members after the 28th of December.

Media Contact – Charmein Bukovec – Executive Officer 0459 510 506