While the official start to the breeding season is almost upon us and the green pastures in Nagambie are becoming busy with newborn foals, the Victorian breeding industry is aware that for studs and farms further north in NSW and Queensland, their paddocks tell a very different story.

Faced with the worst drought for decades, Swettenham Stud and principal Adam Sangster through the ‘Buy A Bale’ campaign will generously offer support to the drought-affected farmers, property owners and rural communities.

“The team at Swettenham Stud want to help our long-standing friends and clients in the Hunter Valley and throughout NSW and QLD, during this difficult time. We want to let them know that they are not alone,’ Sangster said.

“We recently visited the Hunter Valley region and we could see that they are in a desperate situation. Through making our farm available to their mares and foals, and by giving back through the ‘Buy A Bale’ campaign, we hope we can make a difference.”

Swettenham Stud will be donating three bales of hay per month, per mare, uncapped for as long as the visiting mare from the drought-affected area is residing at the Nagambie nursery.

“This natural disaster touches everyone – the small hobby breeder, the large stud farms, the suppliers, owners and the trainers. The recovery will take years.”

“We can help, firstly by donating hay to give immediate relief from feed costs, and secondly, by offering agistment to their mares and foals. We hope to alleviate some of the financial strain and the physical stress on their properties by helping them reduce their stock numbers. This will, in turn, help their pastures recover more effectively from the damage this devastating drought has caused.”

“Whether it is a single mare or a band of broodmares, the team at Swettenham will care for them for as long as needed. We are so fortunate that we have had the rain in this region, so our 900 acres of paddocks are well stocked with nutritious and plentiful feed for the spring,” Sangster said.

All visiting mares and foals to Swettenham Stud will receive the best of care during the vital growth and development stages. There is no walk-out fee charged for mares visiting outside stallions, and all horses will have direct access to our resident specialist equine veterinarian, John Hurley, master farriers and experienced staff.

“We want to back the ‘Buy A Bale’ drought appeal as it supplies essential support and encouragement to distressed farmers in crisis by delivering hay and other essential items. We pray that the rains will soon arrive and that the people, properties and rural communities can slowly start to rebuild and recover,” Sangster said.

To inquire about sending your mare to Swettenham Stud, please contact Adam Sangster or Sam Matthews. Additionally, there is a short video on the farm, or visit www.swettenham.com.au. To donate to the Buy A Bale campaign visit www.buyabale.com.au for more information.

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