Larneuk Stud’s Neville Murdoch was looking forward to a relatively quiet few weeks leading up to Christmas – the final foal having arrived and the stallions content after a busy spring.

Murdoch was ready to sit back and relax but that was before his Euroa property was threatened by last week’s raging bush fires.

“We were watching the smoke up over the hills – it must have been 14km away – then all of a sudden it was on our doorstep,” he recalled.  “There were embers everywhere, it was a frightening experience.”

Moving his stallions Mawingo, Ilovethiscity and O’Lonhro into barns with sprinklers fitted and the broodmares to his other property up the road, Murdoch began to fight the fire – extremely grateful for the help of people from Euroa, Avenel and Benalla.

“At one stage, there were 30 trucks lined up along Killeens Hill Road,” he said.  “The horses were all absolutely amazing and, apart from the fences, there was no infrastructure damage.

“There have been so many offers of help with feed and the placement of horses – we consider ourselves very lucky and have been blessed by that support.”

Hoofnote:  Lauriston Park also received similar assistance when it was under threat last week.  In further news, owner Chris Bakker reports Hall of Fame mare Let’s Elope is none the worse for the ordeal.

Now aged 27, Let’s Elope (Nassipour) has been in retirement at the Creighton’s Creek property since foaling Seymour winner Karata in 2008.

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