2020-born foal Super VOBIS nominations close Saturday 30 April.

As the nominator, you will pay a one-off fee for the nomination and when the horse wins or places in an eligible race, you’ll receive a nominator’s bonus. Nominated horses can compete for over $13 million in Super VOBIS bonuses in over 840 races each season. The Nominator, Owner, Trainer and Jockey all receive a portion of a Super VOBIS bonus when the horse runs 1st, 2nd or 3rd, in all two and three-year-old TAB races in Victoria.



Category A (Victorian Sired)         $660

Category B (Breedback)                 $1320

Category C (Victorian Breeder)    $1980


Once nominated for Super VOBIS, your yearling will then also be eligible to be nominated for VOBIS Gold, which offers additional prizemoney and bonuses. VOBIS Gold eligible horses may also compete in the exclusive VOBIS Gold Premier Race Series worth over $5.25 million, and from 1 August 2022 will also be eligible to compete for an additional $7.5m in VOBIS Sires Boost vouchers available for reinvestment into the Victorian industry.

Ensure your yearling benefits from all the bonuses available in Victoria.

Nominate here now or for assistance call 1800 870 799 or email vobis@racingvictoria.net.au.