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The Liston family would like to thank everyone for their support in the past week after Pauline’s unfortunate accident.

Pauline was injured by a Waler on Tuesday 2nd July and was airlifted to Royal Melbourne Hospital with several broken ribs and back injuries. Following two surgeries to her lower back and ribs Pauline is now on the mend. 

There is only one thing tougher than a Waler, and that is Pauline!

Jessica and Pauline’s commitment for re-homing the Waler’s is unwavering and although this is a setback they are even more determined to re-home them in the coming months to their wonderful supporters and new homes.

Pauline would like to thank the amazing staff at the Royal Melbourne. She has given the nurses the highest praise possible in saying to the nurses “I would let you look after my foals”.

Three Bridges Thoroughbreds continues to operate as normal and we thank you all for you continued support and kind thoughts.

Along with her daughter Jess, Pauline has been instrumental in championing the revival of the breed, which was pivotal during Australia’s World War 1 campaign. Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria wishes Pauline a speedy recovery.

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