In July 2020, Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria (TBV), Avenel Equine Hospital (AEH), Scone Equine Hospital and Kentucky Equine Research (KER) hosted a pre-season breeding seminar.

The topics are outlined below and you can find the footage by clicking here.

Speaker Topic Time
James O’Brien and Charmein Bukovec Introduction 0:00 – 5:40
Dr Katie Wilcox Foaling and Dystocia 5:40 – 49:20
Dr Jess Partlow Common Equine Ocular Disease 49:20 – 1:34:00
Dr Angus Adkins Angular Limb Deformities 1:34:00 – 2:15:00
Dr Jess Wise What happens when a foal is admitted to the ICU? 2:15:00 – 2:53:00
Dr Peter Huntington Broodmare Nutrition 2:53:00 – 3:29:00