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Employers are under on-going pressure to provide a safer working environment for employees, contractors, sub-contractors, visitors and members of the public.

There is also a growing onus on senior management to invest in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management systems to remove workplace risk, comply with OHS legislation and maximise the financial opportunities associated with workers’compensation insurance.

Gallagher Bassett has a holistic philosophy to the reduction of claims related costs where the essential elements of prevention, compensation claims management and rehabilitation are integrated into an effective, comprehensive OHS management system.

To assist clients to take proactive steps in eliminating or reducing risk in the workplace, Gallagher Bassett’s OHS Advisory Team will guide you through the following elements required for a prevention program:

  • the development of a positive safety culture based on awareness, training communication and accountability
  • the integration of OHS into daily business practice and long-term strategy
  • the encouragement of employee involvement and consultation in the planning for a safer work environment
  • the development of an OHS management system that complies with legislative and best practice requirements
  • improved operational and financial performance through reductions in occupational injury and claim costs.

The following flexible services tailored to suit individual client requirements are provided to assist in the development of an OHS management system.

Worksite Assessment
Identifying where to start is often the most difficult part of implementing a health and safety risk management system as can be identifying gaps in an existing program. By completing the Gallagher Bassett Safety Self Assessment you will assess the risks in your workplace and identify if the required safety controls and systems are in place.

Gallagher Bassett OHS Advisors will then conduct a worksite inspection to verify the assessment findings and assess the level of compliance with OHS legislation and good risk management practices.

Careful evaluation of the information gathered will identify areas of concern in the workplace and assist your organisation to prioritise and plan your approach to managing health and safety.

Risk Assessment Services
Gallagher Bassett’s OHS Advisors will mentor clients through the process of risk assessments in a number of areas such as plant, manual handling, and dangerous goods. Assessments are based on tools and principles contained within Australian risk management standards.

Our advisors work with client staff to ensure all hazards and risks in the workplace are identified, what the relevant contributing factors are and the specific controls that may be implemented to eliminate or the reduce risk.

Worksite Assistance and Mentoring
Gallagher Bassett’s OHS Advisors can provide technical support and mentoring of clients in the development and implementation of policies and procedures to develop a positive consultative safety culture amongst employees aimed at reducing incidents and injury.
Training Services
A variety of training courses are available through our annual training calendar. All training is interactive, involving participants in discussions, group work and practical activities.

The calendar is available through the Gallagher Bassett website at: www.gallagherbassett.com.au or by contacting our office for a hard copy (wcv@gbtpa.com.au)

These sessions are offered free of charge to Gallagher Bassett clients. Training can also be tailor made and conducted at client premises.

Health and safety advice is based on current Victorian Legislation. It is important to note that any advice on Safety Management Systems is based Australian Standard 4801.

For further information

For further information please contact our support staff on 9297 9413/9451 or via email at wcv@gbtpa.com.au.


Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd. Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services Victoria
Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd. Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services Victoria