Image courtesy of Barastoc
Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria is thrilled to announce that Kentucky Equine Research (KER) in conjunction with Barastoc horse feeds have partnered with Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria (TBV) as a valued sponsor.

KER and Barastoc are both well respected within the industry. Kentucky Equine Research, the world leaders in equine nutrition, is an international equine nutrition, research, and consultation company serving horse owners and the feed industry.

Kentucky Equine Research serves as a consultant to thoroughbred breeders and farms around the world. Kentucky Equine Research brings owners and breeders the latest research and nutrition recommendations in a comprehensive consultation program tailored to individual needs. KER nutritionists also work with mill owners and managers in six continents to formulate top-quality feeds that complement typical local forages. These feeds contain KER micronutrient premixes to ensure that, when fed with appropriate forage and according to label directions, they will provide a diet balanced to KER’s specifications.

In July of this year, Dr Peter Huntington of KER was a key note speaker at TBV’s ‘Pre-season breeding seminar’, where he spoke about broodmare nutrition. The seminar was a great opportunity to provide educational segments ahead of the breeding season.

KER’s Ashley Copping notes “Kentucky Equine Research’s goals are to advance the industry’s knowledge of equine nutrition and exercise physiology, apply that knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses, and support the nutritional care of all horses throughout their life – research separates the innovator from the imitator. KER was started in Kentucky, the heartland of America’s thoroughbred industry.” 

For 50 years, Barastoc has worked side by side with horse owners to develop and deliver balanced diets that will support horses in achieving their genetic potential, underpinned by their tagline, Horses come first.

As leaders in animal nutrition Barastoc invest in innovation and people and provides a tailored, specialised approach to equine nutrition, which targets the individual needs and the unique requirements of each equine operation. Barastoc feeds are backed by their nutrition partner, KER ensuring each foal gets the best possible start in life, yearlings reach their full potential and mares are cared for and ready for their next cycle.

Barastoc pride themselves on looking after the wellbeing of all horses throughout Australia, in order to promote and support the livelihood of the breeding sector is a tremendous opportunity.

“The opportunity to partner with TBV helps us to highlight the impact and influence nutrition has in the development and performance of all horses. It also helps us to highlight how much passion Barastoc puts into the research and development which underpins our health solutions,” – Alex McCall of Barastoc commented.

Their specialised equine nutrition team brings vast experience in equine nutrition, breeding and training, in addition to commercial business management.

The sponsorship will provide further opportunity for KER, Barastoc and TBV to provide educational segments which will assist breeders and showcase their wide range of products, services and knowledge.

“I am delighted to enter into this sponsorship arrangement with Kentucky Equine Research and Barastoc. They are well regarded in the industry and have been very supportive of TBV for quite some time now. I have no doubt through this partnership we will continue to build upon the seminar we offered in July, through articles, videos and webinars,” Charmein Bukovec – Executive Officer of TBV commented.

To celebrate the partnership, KER and Barastoc will also be sponsoring TBV’s annual foal gallery by providing three $100 vouchers for three winners for the best photo submitted sired by a Victorian sire category.

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