Your Membership is needed!!

If you are in the thoroughbred breeding industry, then a Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria membership is a must, but ultimately for Breeders it’s about having a voice where and when it counts.

It was the voice of TBV committee members that persuaded other sections of industry and government that there should be a scheme to benefit all Victorian players and encourages visitors from near and far to buy our horses, so now decades on, Super VOBIS & VOBIS GOLD combined is now an $20 million incentive that brings the world to our doorstep.

TBV is also the voice in a crisis – at the start, during and after … the rallying point in the direst of circumstances. The go-to when the what you hope won’t happen but occasionally does!

Furthermore, TBV communicates via its upgraded website, social media, weekly news updates plus continues to provide vital updates on Industry legislation, taxation, OH&S requirements and best practice information, plus conducts regular networking nights and seminars to get the word out.

But most importantly, TBV is YOUR voice on the global stage. Apart from close relationships with Asia, TBV plays an integral role with Aushorse and Thoroughbred Breeders Australia and has – on the state and national committees – for all related matters, which affect our industry.

And TBV has a healthing working relationship with the State Government, ensuring that your voice is not just a cry in the wilderness.

You might not know the people who represent you on the TBV committee but they know you. They all breed horses … they all know ecstasy and heartbreak are a stride apart.

We didn’t come up with the saying “united we stand, divided we fall” but there’s a good reason why someone else did.

Victoria is gold. Together we’ll find it.

Your Membership is needed! Join TBV and become a member today!