Rebel Dane stands at Glen Eden Stud.

Glen Eden Stud has recently expanded and now boasts an increased 180 acres of premium horse country just outside the township of Kilmore.

“It’s perfect land for horses”, says Glen Eden founder Sonia O’Gorman when asked of the stud’s new expansion. 

“Big paddocks with copious feed and shade, which is essential for summer. 

Glen Eden stud began as a racehorse spelling property. The team has a deep affection for its mares”. 

“It’s a huge part of our business model,” says Rory O’Brien, a new partner in the business with Sonia.

When speaking about the expansion, Rory adds that it’s not just for mares “we intend on having more than just broodmares and are proud to welcome spellers too. We’d love to develop a strong relationship with some racing stables.” 

“There’s room, and the mares are glowing,” Rory says. “we’d like to increase the number of permanent and part-time residents on the farm by about 40-50”, he adds. 

Rory and Sonia also would like to take a moment to add thanks to all their clients and fellow thoroughbred businesses that continue to work with the stud. 

“We are all in this together, there are challenges every day, and we just want to wish everyone the best.”

For agistment enquires, please call Rory on 0478 796 770 or email