2021 Webinars

Kentucky Equine Research Webinars

Optimising Fertility and the Subfertile Horse

Water Quality and Pasture Management

Global Perspective on Skeletal Development

Yearling Prep

Timely Breeding topics

Industry information

Avenel Equine Hospital – Broodmares

Agrifutures Australia

Avenel Equine Hopsital – Foals

Internal parasites and anthelminthic resistance with Chris Lawler
Insurance Updates with Brad Tindall of Surewise

Infertility in the Broodmare – Endometritis

Radiography of yearlings prior to sale with Ben Ahern
The Lame Foal/Septic Arthritis in the Foal with Dr Liz Walmsley
Understanding Salmonella with Dr Niamh Collins
Debt Recovery Procedures with Fiona Scott
Oviduct Surgery with Dr Angus Adkins
Strangles and carrier mares with James Gilkerson
Conditions of the Newborn Foal with Dr Alex Hendren
Assessing Placentitis Mares with Dr Joan Carrick
Important Superannuation Changes for Employers with Jason Woodward
Periparturient Conditions in the Broodmare with Dr Katie Wilcox
Post mortem project and EAFL/caterpillars with Joan Carrick and Viki Brooks
Assessing Angular Limb Deformity with Dr Amy Williamson
Work Health & Safety Stud Farm Basics with Daniel Bowcock
Photosensitisation in horses from Cowpea Aphids with Leslie Weston and Annelies McGaw
Assessing Problem Dry Mares with Dr Aaron Hodder
Vaccination requirements with Dr Corrine Smith
On-farm Biosecurity with Dr Catherine Chicken & Dr Jo Taylor

2020 Webinars

KER’s Dr Peter Huntington presents Broodmare Nutrition

AEH’s Dr Katie Wilcox presents Foaling & Dystocia

AEH’s Dr Jess Partlow presents Common Equine Ocular Disease

AEH’s Dr Angus Adkins presents on Angular Limb Deformities

AEH’s Dr Jessica Wise presents on Treatment Of The Foal In ICU