Gisborne South’s Cityview Farm should be proud of the brilliant first season, they have just completed with a 100% healthy foaling rate and achieving 93% of mares in foal, with a couple more first scans later this week.

Although the farm is new in name, the people involved have had extensive experience and knowledge over numerous seasons.

Leading the team, is Carla Aliphon who has held various positions at studs both internationally and locally, including Broodmare Manager at Sun Stud and most recently Woodside Park Stud, handling all aspects of farm management, broodmares, foals and weanlings. 

“We are thrilled with our results and how the season played out. Mare numbers grew steadily each month and we hit our mark of 30 plus mares, which was a good number for our first season.”

“All the foaling’s went very smoothly, no complications – straightforward, happy, healthy foals. We are also thrilled to get 93% of our mares in foal, which I was wrapped with, especially as some of the mares have been difficult to get into foal in the past.”

Cityview Farm

Cityview Farm set on over 200 acres is very well established with state-of-the-art diamond mesh fencing, great facilities and quality pasture all year round.

“The pastures are brilliant and the grass unbelievable. When we are walking on mares, I can see that a lot of farms in the north have started to dry off. We are so lucky, we are still getting plenty of fresh green grass coming through, especially with the recent rain.”

“We now know how well the property handles horses and that it can stock good numbers with an abundance of feed.  Additionally, the facilities have made the season very efficient, with the vet crush and yards working well for both dry and wet mares.”

Another vital member of the Cityview Farm team is their resident vet, equine reproduction expert Ian Douglas.

“He is the best, you only need to look at his strike rate. His experience is second to none, he is super nice, always happy and nothing is ever too much hassle.”

“Always willing to check a mare or foal if you ever have any questions or concerns and as he trusts my experience too, if I need him, he will be there in a flash. Sometimes it’s just a call for advice that makes all the difference. It’s a pleasure to work alongside experienced and knowledgeable people and Ian has certainly played a large part in our success this season.”

And while it’s green now, the hot summer days are on the way, but Cityview Farm is prepared with full irrigation throughout the undulating property.

“We will be able to keep the paddocks green all year for our growing horses, mares and spellers. Additionally, the watered pastures are a great protection against bushfires.”

Also playing a large part in the farm’s results this season is Master Farrier Rodney Notman.

“Rod, Jarrod and Nick all do a great job helping mares with foot issues stay sound and keeping them comfortable to carry a foal. He is brilliant at using corrective trimming methods on the foals to ensure that they are all naturally developing correct and straight.”

And while most foals have returned home happy and healthy post foaling, eight foals will stay on the farm to be handled and educated by Aliphon in their crucial early stages.

“All the foals have been handled with headstalls on and developed a relationship with humans. They are good with the farrier and in the crush, as they have learnt to trust us. They are now relaxed and confident horses, ready to be weaned.”

“We currently have a handful of horses in yearling preparation, a couple for the education benefits before their owners send them to the breaker. The others will head to the sales in the new year.”

Aliphon ensures all owners receive regular communication and the feedback has been extremely positive.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that our clients are happy with our results and with the care of their mares and foals. They enjoy being involved, as we let them know of any major milestones, and how the foals are growing and developing. Being close to the city makes it easy for clients to come and visit often.”

It’s been a tremendous first season and one that will set us up for many more to come.”

For more information, please contact Carla at Cityview Farm on 0475 999 011 or visit

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