Spelling your racehorse is one of the most important aspects of owning a performance thoroughbred.

As with any athlete that have been in intensive training and then performing at the highest level of their ability, rest and recovery is vital to ensure that that your horse will be ready for his next race preparation.

Victoria has a vast array of high quality Agistment farms run by experience horse people who understand what a horse needs during its recovery period, many of them also offer specialist facilities for sick and injured horses as well.

TBV recommend you contact a farm that will allow you to visit your horse and ask about the services they provide and the experience of the farm manager so that you can have a thorough understanding that your horse is being fed and handled appropriately.


For information on Agistment Acts & Contracts please download the pdf’s below.

The following downloads are Copyright © State of Victoria Department of Environment and Primary Industries 2014.

How To Use A Horse Agistment Lien under the Impounding of Livestock Act 1994 Agistment Contracts for Horses

The below agistment farms are current members of Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria

Moorookyle Park

114 Cemetery Road,
Smeaton VIC 3364

Nioka Wozny
0427 456 385

Princess Park Thoroughbreds

493 Plain Road,
Nagambie VIC 3608

Adam Palmer
0417 579 978
Twitter @PP_Nagambie

Glen Eden Thoroughbreds

200 Kilmore-Glenaroua Rd
Moranding VIC 3764

Sonia Carboni
0407 211 411