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Dear Victorian breeder,

Yesterday the Premier has announced strict measures to knock COVID-19 on its head. The Premier also announced that racing is set to continue.

Since the outbreak began, Racing Victoria and its stakeholders including TBV have been meeting to develop protocols to be able to deal with the challenges COVID-19 may bring.

The industry employs thousands of staff and racing continuing is vital for the sustainability of the breeding industry.

Many of you have questions about the upcoming breeding season and how it effects our activities, which is only natural.

TBV have sought clarification with the Victorian State Government around movements of stock. The Victorian State Government have assured me that breeding is an essential agricultural activity.

TBV have been consulting with the Victorian stallion and broodmare farms about what we can do to assist with check points and making the process as smooth as possible.

TBV are more than happy to write a letter explaining that your farm requires movement to get your mare covered. This is not a legal requirement but designed to give clarity to those at the checkpoints.

In addition, I have spoken with stallion farms and they have confirmed they are more than happy to confirm your booking in writing via email. This will enable you to print the email off, which you can also present at a checkpoint.

In relation to interstate covers, the leading freight companies have confirmed that it is business as usual in terms of booking mares on their trucks. Freight companies are deemed to be an essential activity.

If you are travelling interstate in your own vehicle with your mare, it is essential that you complete the necessary border permits and comply with the respective state’s COVID safe protocols. Protocols may vary from state to state and you can find the links to the border permits at the bottom of this email.

Additionally, consider allowing a little bit of extra time for your mare covers. If this means leaving earlier to make sure you get to your booking on time, I would factor it in.

Another question, which has been raised is about vets being caught in delays at checkpoints. Last night I spoke with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) to discuss how we can work with the Government to relieve any delays.

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia will also have a guide out early next week, which talks to recommendations ahead of the breeding season. I will share this with you when it is available.

It is important that everyone adheres to the Victorian State Government guidelines for COVID-19, which you can find here.

As always, you can contact me at or on my mobile.

Border Pass links:
To access the NSW border pass, click here.
To access the QLD border pass, click here.
To access the SA border pass, click here.
To access the TAS border pass, click here.
To access the WA border pass, click here.

Stay safe,

Charmein Bukovec