Dear Victorian breeder,

Yesterday, I sent out an update to the Victorian breeding industry about COVID-19 and the coming breeding season.

In this communication, I announced that the Premier had announced strict measures to knock COVID-19 on its head. The Premier also announced that racing is set to continue.

I also informed you that TBV have sought clarification with the Victorian State Government around movements of stock. The Victorian State Government have assured me that breeding is an essential agricultural activity.

If you didn’t receive a copy of this email, you can access it here.

Since my update on Monday, the Premier has also made the following announcements which we will need to follow.

Firstly, as of midnight tonight Wednesday 5 August, the Victorian State Government has mandated that a ‘permitted worker permit’ must be in place for anyone who cannot work from home and their workplace must be part of a permitted industry.

Breeders who are either located in a stage 4 restricted area or needing to travel in to or through a stage 4 restricted area will need to provide these to their employees.

If you are a sole trader you are permitted to issue yourself a permit but should insert the words ‘sole trader’ into the ‘employer name’ section. You can access a copy of the permit to complete here.

Secondly, the other change which you should be aware of, is that as of midnight Friday 7 August 2020, all workplaces, including farms, must have a COVIDSafe Plan in place.

Where a farm already has a plan in place that covers the areas described in the Government guidance, there is no need to develop a new one in the template format – the existing plan will be deemed sufficient.

In the event that a workplace gets a visit from Worksafe, COVIDSafe plans need to be available for inspection.

While COVIDSafe plans are only necessary for those in stage 4 areas currently, TBV recommend that you develop and implement a plan for your workplace, regardless of which stage your farm is located in.

You can access the COVIDSafe plan guidelines here and you can access a copy of the COVIDSafe template here.

It is important that everyone adheres to the Victorian State Government guidelines, which you can find here.

As further updates come to light, I will keep you informed and as always, you can contact me at or on my mobile.

Stay safe,

Charmein Bukovec