Below is an update from Thoroughbred Breeders Australia on a few key issues relating to the breeding industry.

This was originally handed out to breeders at a vendors’ meeting at the Magic Millions sale. It is important it reaches as many breeders as possible here in Victoria.


Further information can be obtained at: or or by contacting TBA by email.

1. Racing Australia Ownership Reforms

As many of you will be aware, last year Racing Australia effectively proposed bringing the breeding industry under the remit of racing by suggesting that the owners of all horses come under the rules of racing from the point a foal is registered with the Stud Book. The exact wording of the proposal was:

The time at which an owner registers a horse under the Rules of Racing is to be brought
forward so that when a horse is accepted into the Stud Book (upon parentage verification),
the owner(s) of the horse is/are required to register the horse with RISA. At this point, the
horse becomes registered and the owner(s) is/are bound by the Rules of Racing.

The view of the board of TBA is that this would give Racing Australia total control over the breeding industry. They could implement any rule relating to breeding without any consultation or advice from breeders and this would then become enforceable, with any transgression punishable by the stewards.

Our opinion is that Racing Australia, as well as the PRA’s like Racing NSW and Racing
Victoria, are set up to run racing, not breeding. In almost every state breeders have no say in who is put on these boards, and nor are breeders given any representation on the Racing Australia board, despite the fact that Racing Australia now owns the Stud Book.

The reasons articulated as being behind this push to regulate breeders were increasing transparency of ownership of Thoroughbreds before they enter the racing system and preventing gene doping in horses.

We have voiced our objection strongly over the past six months at a number of meetings. As a result, rather than try to implement this proposal at their September board meeting RA have directed their directors Frances Nelson QC (South Australian representative and deputy chairman of Racing Australia) and Des Gleeson, the Tasmanian representative, to hold further consultation with us.

So far we have had two meetings with Ms Nelson and Mr Gleeson. Attending those meetings from the TBA have been Basil Nolan, Chris Watson, Ken Barry (attended second meeting only) and myself.

To summarise, I think the discussions have been productive, with Ms Nelson making the effort to understand our concerns on the issue. We have made the point that our legal advice is that RA does not have authority (given their rules have to be enforced by the state racing boards which are limited by statute) to govern the breeding industry.

We asked, on the assumption RA does have this legal authority, whether a separate set of rules, specific to the breeding industry, focused on welfare, could be drawn up in consultation with breeders, as this could potentially provide an outcome that may be 3 acceptable to both sides. We made clear that, from our perspective, this should be done through the Stud Book rather than the authority of the PRAs.

Subsequent to the second meeting, Ms Nelson said RA were looking into a developing a set of rules relating to breeding which would be separate from the Rules of Racing. Ms
Nelson also said they were considering whether these could be adopted and implemented by the Australian Stud Book, though they needed to get legal advice on this matter. We will continue to keep you informed as this dialogue continues.

2. Declaration of Ownership Details At Sales

Email from TBA President Basil Nolan sent on 18 December 2015 to all vendors selling at the 2016 Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale.

Dear Breeder,

We write to you in regard to a new initiative that Thoroughbred Breeders Australia
(TBA) has agreed with the country’s major sales companies in relation to transparency of ownership of horses going through the ring.

During the 2016 yearling sales both Magic Millions and Inglis will provide a service whereby vendors can register the ownership details of the horses they have for sale in the auctions. This information will then be made available to registered bidders. We at TBA believe this initiative will increase the transparency and can only encourage confidence in the sales process.

Our understanding is the Australian Stud Book (ASB) is seeking to introduce changes whereby they will keep a register of a horse’s owners (rather than the current system of having a ‘contact breeder’ for each horse) from the time the animal is registered as a foal. It is their aim that this register will then be made available to buyers at sales, if the horse is sold at auction prior to its racing career.

As the ASB is some way off achieving this objective, the board of TBA have agreed with the sales companies to start an ownership register immediately. While this ownership declaration is entirely voluntary, we would encourage all vendors to consider lodging their ownership interests in horses they are selling. For those selling on behalf of clients, we encourage you to have a conversation about whether they would be comfortable to provide this information.

Those vendors wishing to make an ownership declaration at the Magic Millions sale can either contact Paul Knight (07 5504 1211 or now to provide the information for their lots, or give over this information to the sales office when they arrive at the Gold Coast ahead of the commencement of the sale on January 6.

For further information please contact TBA chief executive Tom Reilly on 0423 146 334.

Kindest Regards,
Basil Nolan

3. Australian Stud Book Grant

In the past month, Racing Australia has notified TBA that it would no longer provide the organisation with a grant to assist it with meeting its running costs. This grant had been in place since 2003 and was viewed by the Stud Book’s previous owners, the Australian Turf Club and Victorian Racing Club, as a way to support the industry from which the Stud Book made its profit. Their reasoning was that a strong TBA, lobbying on behalf of the breeding industry, was also good for the long‐term future of the Stud Book.

Last year the grant was worth $75,000 to TBA, but it had been as high as $150,000 before the Stud Book halved the amount when they had to meet the costs of the artificial insemination court case.

The reason given by Racing Australia chief executive for the cancellation of the funding was: “the Board does not believe that the grant is essential to an effective and functioning TBA” and that the Stud Book needed to cut costs.

TBA has registered its disappointment with the decision, especially given the fact members of the Racing Australia board lobbied vigorously for the importance of the grant when with the TBA.

4. Australian Stud Book profit

Racing Australia recently released their first annual report, which allowed an insight into the accounts of the Stud Book. While the profit and loss for the Stud Book is not broken out separately, the annual report reveals the Stud Book’s income to be in excess of $3.3 million.

Those familiar with the accounts of the Stud Book previously have informed TBA that this level of revenue would lead to a profit in excess of $2 million. It should also be noted that since being acquired by Racing Australia, the Stud Book has retrenched four members of staff and taken on other responsibilities in respect to the registering of racehorses.

As well as retrenching staff, it is understood the Stud Book has also terminated a scholarship it gave to a worthy student each year to complete the equine management course at Marcus Oldham College.

5. Increase to Import and Export Fees

The Stud Book last month announced that fees for the import and export of thoroughbreds (all breeding and racing stock) were to be increased from $200 to $500 per horse exported from Australia and $550 per horse imported. This will be levied on all horses exported from sales that are going overseas or even mares travelling between New Zealand and Australia.

We have sought an explanation from Racing Australia as to why such an increase was necessary. This increase is likely to generate well in excess of $750,000 extra in revenue for the Stud Book in 2016.

6. Herpes Virus Vaccine

As many of you will aware, there is currently a shortage of the Equine Herpes Virus
(EHV) vaccine Duvaxyn® EHV‐1,4 (Duvaxyn). This has come about as a result of the drug’s manufacturer, Zoetis, moving production of the vaccine from Holland to America. Zoetis say they intended to have production continuing in Holland until the new plant was working effectively, but due a number of issues this didn’t happen. As a result, when issues emerged in quality at the new site, there has been no production of the vaccine.

This is particularly damaging to Australia, where this product is the only one licenced, whereas in other countries customers can switch to other similar drugs. TBA met with Zoetis in November and they say they are committed to restarting production within the next month or two.

Unfortunately, because of the change in manufacturing site, Zoetis will need to apply for
a new importation permit, which are given out by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

This process can be lengthy. In fact, the standard time for a drug to be relicensed is about 18 months. However, TBA has already met with Barnaby Joyce’s chief of staff, as well as the shadow agriculture minister and other MPs and Senators to raise the need for any application from Zoetis to be fast‐tracked. We believe this will likely happen and we are currently in contact with Zoetis so that we can lobby government again as soon as the application is lodged.

In the meantime it is vital that breeders ensure they adopt best practice farm management biosecurity procedures. TBA will shortly send out information regarding these best practices, but we also encourage all breeders to discuss the management of the virus with their veterinarians.

7. Welfare Officer

4 December 2015

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) has today launched a national programme to prioritise and promote the welfare of thoroughbreds.

The landmark initiative will see the national peak body and all state breeding associations adopt a set of agreed guidelines, as well as the appointment of welfare officers in every state.

The guidelines, which outline the fundamental principles for the care of thoroughbred breeding stock, are believed to be the first such protocols adopted by a national breeding body anywhere in the world.

TBA president Basil Nolan said: “We already have a very high standard of care for our horses in the breeding industry, but I believe it is important for the TBA to highlight the message that welfare needs to be at the heart of what we do.

“We are fortunate that Australia has the second largest breeding industry in the world, but we always need to look to ways to protect our future and I believe this initiative assists in that aim.”

The guidelines state:
• Horses should be provided with appropriate amounts of food and have access to quality drinking water.
• Handling should accommodate the horse’s behaviour and should be done in a calm manner.
• Horses should not be forced into positions or situations that cause unnecessary pain, harm or injury and no horse should be abused.
• Horses should not be subjected to submissive techniques that injure or harm.
• Sick and injured horses should be given appropriate care and medical attention in a timely manner in keeping with best practice. Where necessary, veterinary advice should be sought.

The guidelines will be reinforced by the engagement of welfare officers in each state and a dedicated 1300 telephone number for people to contact if they have concerns regarding the welfare of a thoroughbred.

The officers, who will work on a part‐time basis, will be tasked with advocating on welfare, being a point of contact for people with concerns about the treatment of breeding stock, liaising with other relevant stakeholders about thoroughbred care and organising industry assistance when needed.

TBA chief executive Tom Reilly said: “We consider that experienced people from within the thoroughbred industry, whether they’re former farm managers or veterinarians, will want to pass on their experience and advocate on this issue as welfare officers.”

He added: “As the peak body in the breeding industry it’s important we take a leadership role and make clear the standards that are expected of all participants.”

People with concerns should contact 1300 TBA WELFARE (1300 822 935 3273) if they have any concerns about a thoroughbred breeding stock.

The welfare initiative was agreed at a TBA board meeting last week, having already been ratified by the state associations.

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia is the national peak industry body established for the benefit of the Australian Thoroughbred breeding industry. TBA is the parent company of the 6 state breeders’ associations and has an associate membership base of 3,800 individual breeders and other industry participants.

8. Research and Development Levy

During 2013 TBA undertook industry consultation with Thoroughbred breeders on a proposed Thoroughbred statutory R&D levy, culminating in a ballot undertaken by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in which the results demonstrated strong industry support for the levy proposal.

Subsequently, in November 2013 TBA lodged a submission to the Minister for Agriculture prepared in accordance with the Australian Government’s Levy Principles and Guidelines that sets out the requirements for establishing the case for the imposition of a statutory levy.

TBA’s intentions were to establish a long‐term mechanism to address Thoroughbred industry R&D needs in vital areas such as:
• Biosecurity ‐ The prevention and management of exotic and indigenous diseases, as Thoroughbred breeders are particularly susceptible to Biosecurity threats, as was demonstrated in the outbreak of Equine Influenza (EI) in 2007. Furthermore, the highly contagious Hendra and Kunjin viruses are both prevalent and endemic in Australia and are known to be fatal in horses and in some rare cases humans as well.
• Reproduction ‐ Improving conception and fertility rates of mares and stallions and reducing foetal loss caused by contagious diseases (eg. Equine Amnionitis, Placentitis, Contagious Equine Metritis, Equine Herpes and Equine Viral Arteritis, etc).

The proposed levy would involve a small administrative charge to be collected by the
Australian Stud Book (ASB) of $10 per mare covered per season, paid by the stallion owner, and $10 per mare returned per season, paid by the broodmare owner.

The levy is expected to raise about $400,000 per annum which would then be matched by government, providing a sustainable funding base for R&D projects.

Given TBA’s application was submitted two years ago, TBA was forced to wait an unusually long time, when in September 2015, TBA received advice that its application had been rejected by Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce. At subsequent meetings with his chief of staff, we were told that financial constraints were the reason for the decision.

TBA has since learned that the Thoroughbred industry is the only industry to have its proposal rejected. In fact, Barnaby Joyce signed off on two new levies last month in the agriculture sector.

We are keen to have the minister’s decision overturned and have received support from a number of MPs and Senators on this issue. Joyce’s staff have also stated they are willing to continue dialogue on the issue and our aim is to have the grant included in the next federal budget.

9. China Free Trade deal

After a sustained campaign of lobbying, TBA was pleased that thoroughbreds were included in the Free Trade Agreement with China. This was particularly important as
New Zealand had already struck a FTA with China, which saw Kiwi‐bred horses enter the country without paying a 10 per cent tariff.

Since the China FTA was ratified by parliament late in 2015, the tariff has already dropped from 10 per cent to 6 per cent and will be completely phased out by January

10. Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Awards

Together with Godolphin and Racing Australia, TBA was a founding partner in the Stud and Stable Staff Awards.

The awards were open to all staff employed in racing and breeding across Australia, with Godolphin very generously providing $100,000 in prizes. The winners of each of the six categories all received a cheque for $10,000 as well as a specially designed trophy.

More than 200 people from across Australia entered the categories and a judging panel including Basil Nolan and Chris Watson selected the winners. The awards were given great coverage on Bred To Win, where each of the winners was profiled during the show. The prizes were given out at a lunch in Sydney in November with the overall award presented to Mark Newnham.

Planning has already begun for the 2016 awards and we would encourage all breeders to nominate those people who you feel would be deserving of such a prize.


11. New website
Aushorse launched a new website shortly before the Spring Carnival to better showcase the Australian breeding and racing industries. The aim is to have a resource where we can point people to from all countries, including a domestic audience, to receive information about the Australia and how to get involved in our sport.

One of the centrepieces of the site is a video produced for Aushorse by Channel 7, which incorporates all the best of Australian racing and breeding. Aushorse encourages you all to view the new site and watch the video at

While the site is currently only available in English, a version in simplified Mandarin (which can be read by 85 per cent of people in China) it will shortly be up, with further versions in Japanese and Arabic to be online later in the year.

12. Newsletter
In the middle of 2015 Aushorse began electronic Direct Mail (EDM) newsletter each week. The mailout, which is sent on a Monday, typically has five or six short stories which promote the successes of Australian bred horses or focus on industry matters. The newsletter is received by more than 3,000 people and is a very cost‐effective way of
getting our message across.

13. Magazine
Aushorse again published its annual magazine in December, which is sent to more than 5000 people in Australia and around the world.

The aim is to produce a high‐end magazine with original content that also serves as a promotion for the Australian breeding and racing industries. In our latest edition there were stories on the Michelle Payne’s victory in the Melbourne Cup, the success of Australian‐bred stallions in Europe, the increasing influence of Chinese buyers in
Australia and a feature of Bart Cummings by leading sports writer Malcolm Knox. Other information in the magazine includes a calendar of sales and information to assist buyers coming from overseas.

14. Advertising
In 2015 Aushorse advertised in a number of major export markets across the world, as well as significantly domestically too. Among the new initiatives was to write to all owners in Hong Kong in Cantonese in December selling the benefits of buying Australian, as well as advertising in the main local form guides as well.

In the coming months Aushorse will launch its first campaign in Mandarin aimed at increasing awareness of the Australian product in mainland China.

To support the launch of the new website and our video, we launched a campaign in America, Europe and domestically highlighting the high level of ownership in Australia. The ad had one of the highest click‐through rates of any digital ad on the Racing Post site, with more than 2000 people watching the video from the ad in the first two weeks
of it being up.

15. Own A Champion and Survey
In Autumn Aushorse ran a competition where we gave away a share in Gerry Harvey’s Royal Descent when she ran in the Doncaster. The promotion was done in conjunction with Fairfax Media who provided more than $250,000 of free advertising. We received more than 10,000 entries, quickly creating a big database of people interested in
racehorse ownership.

As well as allowing us to directly market to these people, we have been able to survey the competition’s participants. We used a respected marketing firm specialising in sport (who currently assist the NRL and have worked for the AFL), to get insights into what triggers would encourage people into ownership.

More than 1800 people took the survey, spending an average of 17 minutes filling in the questions. While just under half had never been owners before, there was a significant number of people who were current racehorse owners as well as those who had walked away from a financial commitment.

While we are still assessing the feedback there have been some valuable insights already established: such as a lack of knowledge on how to get involved in the sport, a lack of understanding about ownership types and the commitment involved, as well as a frustration at the race day experience as an owner and a disappointment in communications from trainers.

Once the information has been fully assessed we will share with principal racing authorities, race clubs, the sales companies and other stakeholders such as syndicators as well it guiding our domestic strategy.

16. New Appointments
In October Jess McKeown joined the Aushorse team in Sydney after the departure of Rowena Smith after many years of hard work for the organisation. Jess comes to Aushorse after working as Triple Crown’s racing manager and time spent with Magic Millions and Blue Sky Bloodstock. She has also completed the British National Stud course, where she was given the award for top student.

In October Aushorse was also pleased to announce Oliver Tait would join us as our European and American consultant, following the resignation of Fiona Goor. Olly has agreed to give us about 10 per cent of his time and having him as a consultant brings a great deal of experience in these markets to our organisation.

Lindy Maurice, who previously worked for Aushorse when it was first established, has also been working on a number of projects for Aushorse in 2015 and will continue to assist us in the coming year.

It was a triumph of a different type for prominent Victorian breeders, the Moodie family, when Sword of Light took out the Group 3 Blue Diamond Fillies Preview at Caulfield on Australia Day.

The Ellerton-Zahra trained Sword Of Light won by 1.25 lengths from the Ciaron Maher-trained, Lauriston Thoroughbreds’ bred Emphatically.

While the speedy Hesket Bloodstock bred filly is obviously packed full of talent, she is certainly no looker according to her breeder.

“She has the worst legs you will ever see on a horse,” Jenny Moodie said.

“The sales representatives who saw her as a yearling said ‘I guess you will be keeping her’.

“But she is a little filly with a big heart and obviously a lot of ability. I guess you never a judge a book by its cover,” Jenny said.

Sword of Light has a magnificent pedigree page being out of Joyeuse, the sibling to four stakes winners including Group 1 winner Flamberge, recent stakes winner Durendal, Curtana and Sunburnt Land.

Their dam Razor Blade, herself a stakes winner, is now enjoying a deserved retirement. Sword of Light’s dam Joyeuse has a yearling and foal both by Exceed and Excel and was covered by Woodside Park’s Written Tycoon last year.

For breeding buffs she is line-bred to Allegretta through her sire New Approach (he is a son of Galileo, who is out of Urban Sea, who is in turn out of Allegretta) and through her dam’s sire King’s Best who is a son of Allegretta.

Sword of Light is not currently paid up for the $1.5 million Blue Diamond Stakes, but there will certainly now be some serious consideration given to paying a late nomination fee.

Co-trainer Mat Ellerton said Sword Of Light will improve off Tuesday’s performance.

“She’s a cantankerous little thing, her mother (Joyeuse) was much the same. We trained her,” said Ellerton.

“She’s got her quirks like we saw on New Year’s Day (she was a late scratching at the barriers). I think she gave them a few anxious moments in the gates, but she’s got an engine.”

Apart from the first two placegetters, there was an eye catching run from Miss Nymeria, a Robbie Griffiths trained debutant. She was bred by Makybe and is a daughter of Stryker who will certainly benefit enormously from the experience.

In the colts’ Listed Blue Diamond Preview, Victorian bred two-year-olds came 2nd and 3rd behind Godolphin’s Cohesion.

Robbie Griffiths’ Capanello (bred by Eliza Park International) was runner up, while Peter Moody trained El Venetian flashed home for third. He is a son of promising first crop Victorian sire Moshe (standing at Eliza Park International).

West Gippsland’s Briarwood Farm was on a high following the Group 1 Hong Kong Classic Mile victory by Sun Jewellery at Sha Tin on Sunday.

Sun Jewellery was raised at Briarwood for its long time client, the Tung family.

Briarwood principal Lisa McMaster said it was the first Group 1 winner bred off the farm which is small in size, but absolutely focused on producing quality horses.


Briarwood Farm pic

Briarwood Farm


“Mr Tung and his family have been clients for more than 25 years with my father and now with Gavin (McMaster) and me,” Lisa commented.

“This is a really well deserved result for the Tung family as they have put a heck of a lot of time and money into racing.

McMaster was also positive about the State’s breeding scene.

“We’re getting a much better grade of stallion. We’re on the up,” she said.

A son of Snitzel, Sun Jewellery raced in Australia for trainer Peter Moody and was named Tan Tat Sun during his short, four race local career.

He left for Hong Kong in 2014 after wins at Bairnsdale and Kyneton and continues to race in the Tung family colours. He has now won seven races and almost $1 million in prizemoney.

“I felt he had the ability, but wasn’t sure he had the class to win from the outside gate,” said trainer John Size.

“I would think he’s got a big future. He’s always promised to step up but this is a good test today, he’s come up against some nice horses and he’s beaten them fair and square.”

Prepared to target the Hong Kong 4YO Series, Size will start Sun Jewellery next up in the Group 1 Hong Classic Cup over 1800m on February 21, before a tilt at the final leg, the 2000m Group 1 Hong Kong Derby in March.

In further good news for Victorian breeding, the third and fourth placegetters in the Group 1 race were also bred by Victorians.

Third placed Blizzard (by Rosemont Stud sire Starcraft) was bred by Jonathan Munz’s GSA Bloodstock operation while fourth placed Lucky Bubbles grew up at Nagambie’s Gilgai Farm.



Warrnambool iron-horse Burning Front collected another lucrative bonus with a front-running victory in the VOBIS Gold Star (1514m) at Moonee Valley on Saturday.

The Darren Weir trained gelding has won 10 races and $451,460 boosted by several VOBIS bonuses.

In fact, more than $197,000 of the gelding’s earnings have come from VOBIS bonuses or VOBIS Gold prizemoney demonstrating the absolute need for breeders to nominate their horses to Super VOBIS (2014 foal nominations are due by February 1st. Further details at:

Burning Front


Brad Rawiller leads Burning Front back to scale following his VOBIS Gold Star victory at Moonee Valley

Weir said the Super VOBIS bonuses have been his target with Burning Front. The Primus gelding has raced at least once every month since last March and has only missed a place once while graduating from a Benchmark 64 sprint at Ballarat.

“It’s a terrific scheme and we set him for today’s race after he won the (VOBIS Gold) Bullion at Pakenham in November. It’s very good prizemoney and a terrific incentive, for sure.”

This type of racing program is one the premier Ballarat trainer is familiar with, as he is also the trainer of dual Group 1 winner Trust In A Gust who has won two VOBIS Gold Premier races and been placed in a further three such races.

Weir said he will now aim Burning Front at the G3 Carlyon Cup (1600m) at Caulfield on February 13.

Managing part-owner Justin Lovatt also stands his sire Primus at Stonehurst Farm in Strathbogie.

“We are just blessed racing Burning Front,” he said.

“He’s as honest as the day is long as has such a great constitution.

“Primus has plenty to offer owner-breeders,” Lovatt added.

“He’s by champion stallion Flying Spur and his progeny that we’ve bred and raced have all displayed above average ability.”

Little Elsa landed the first win for Darley Victoria’s first crop sire Skilled in Hobart on Sunday.

After jumping smartly, Little Elsa took control of the Sparks Business Development Maiden (1000m) and was untroubled to score by more than two lengths from Gee Gee Mightymiss (Wordsmith) and Crowbar (Grey Swallow).

“I knew she could go fast but I didn’t know for how far,” Brighton based owner-trainer Terry Evans said. “She worked with Concrete Johnny last week and kept up with him.”

Little Elsa’s task was made easier when $1.30 favourite Strike For Victory (Smart Missile) refused to load. “Bad luck for those owners,” Evans said. “But the locker was getting empty and I will take it.”

The striking black filly is the fourth winner from Walvis Bay (Cape Cross) following Miss Elsa (Casino Prince), Orange River (Turffontein) and Turtles Nest (Turffontein). The NZ bred mare foaled a colt by Darley Victoria sire Kuroshio in August.

Skilled (Commands) was a three-time winner as a juvenile capping the season with a Group 1 victory in the Champagne Stakes (1600m) at Randwick. The winning time of 1:36.29s was the second fastest by a colt since the race was first run over a mile in 1972.

He returned at three and was headed in the shadows of the G1 Randwick Guineas by Ilovethiscity. That was one of six stakes placings during the season before he was retired to Darley’s Victorian base at Northwood Park.

Little Elsa was just the second runner for the sire who has relatively large crops of foals in coming years.

Skilled is by Danehill’s Champion Australian son Commands from G2 Sandown Guineas winner Dextrous (Quest For Fame). Darley stood him for a $6,600 (inc gst) fee last year.

Rushton Park graduate Burst Away lived up to his name when leading home a Victorian quinella in the Hughes Chauffeured Limo Hcp (1200m) at Morphettville.

Burst Away (3g Bel Esprit – Filly of Choice by End Sweep) began brilliantly under Josh Cartwright and then quickened in the straight to score by two lengths from EPI graduate Trueno (Written Tycoon).

Queensland-based freight contractor Peter McPhee bought him for $40,000 out of Rushton Park’s consignment at the 2014 Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale for Adelaide trainer Jon O’Connor. He’s paid that back and is going places after 2 wins and 2 seconds in his last 4 starts in town.

“He’s got ample ability but there were some temperament problems,” O’Connor said after Saturday’s victory. “He’s over that now – we’re going to give him a break and then have a crack at the carnival.”

Burst Away will be set for the LR Redelva Stakes (1100m) on April 23 and G2 Euclase Classic (1200m) on May 7.

O’Connor is also prepping Burst Away’s 2yo half-sister Vehement for Phee and his partners. She’s by Master of Design and was a bargain $20,000 buy from Rushton Park at the 2015 VOBIS Gold Sale.

“She did her first bit of fast work last week,” O’Connor said. “Burst Away was a livewire early on but, if anything, she was a bit placid. That gallop fired her up and I’ve been very happy with her progress.”

Rushton Park studmaster David Johnson is sending 22 yearlings from Tatura to the 2016 Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale. Among them is Lot 505, a Bel Esprit half-brother to Rushton Park graduate Country Melody who won the HKJC American Challenge Cup (1000m) at Happy Valley last month.

Rockmount Stud owners Geoff Guest and Jill Kewish are looking forward to the autumn carnival with their promising three year-old Vostok.

The Victorian couple bought him for $70,000 at the 2014 Inglis Easter yearling sale and he cut that out with an unbeaten hat-trick late last year.

Trainer Peter Moody sent him out for a spell following a hollow victory over a mile at Sandown Lakeside on Xmas Eve.

Moody prepared Anacheeva for Rockmount and the G1 Australian Guineas winner now stands at Chatswood Stud. Guest remains a shareholder in the first crop sire.

“Vostok has always shown ability but took time to mature,” Moody said.

“He bounces into the box seat, travels nice and then lets down well. He gets the job done and is a progressive and professional type.

“He had a break after Sandown and we will look at better races in the autumn,” Moody added.

Vostok is a son of Rosemount Stud sire Starcraft and is the first foal of La Biondina (Rock Of Gibraltar), a half-sister to the dam of 2015 Australian Horse of the Year Finalist Criterion.

The connection with Chatswood continued last Wednesday when Pure Karma and Toast won at Geelong. They are both sons of Chatswood Stud sire Purrealist and both benefited from some R&R at Rockmount’s spelling and pre-training facility just off the Hume Hwy at Longwood.

Purreal brought up a winning treble for Purrealist at Geelong’s midweek meet and Chatswood champion Reward For Effort weighed in with Reward The Dream for trainer Robbie Griffiths.

Snowden Racing’s stables at Randwick are packed full with expensive bluebloods and race track superstars such as Blue Diamond winner Pride of Dubai and recent Magic Millions winner Capitalist.

But it was a Canterbury mid week winner for the Snowdens that may have pricked the ears of a breeder or three in Victoria.

Three-year-old Victorian bred gelding Suspense lined up for his second start in the TAB More Than Just Winning Handicap (1100m) at Canterbury on January 13 and duly won, keeping his unbeaten record intact.

He is out of the former Darley mare Intrigues, making him a half-brother to Godolphin’s former Group 1 winning sprinter Mental. Intrigues is out of Group 1 AJC Sires Produce Stakes winner Shaybisc who is the dam of Group winners Sashed, Bradshaw and Asarka. Suspense is also closely related to triple Group 1 winner Freemason.

And that’s where the story becomes quite interesting from a Victorian perspective.

Mental, 2012 Group 1 VRC Patinack Classic winner

Mental, 2012 Group 1 VRC Patinack Classic winner  / credit: Sky Racing

After producing Mental in 2008, Intrigues failed to conceive that breeding season. Having not produced a winner of any note amongst her first few foals (Mental didn’t debut until 2011), she was sold by Darley at the Magic Millions Broodmare Sale in 2009. She was purchased for just $12,000 by Salamander Park (Merton) breeder Philip Anderson.

After failing to conceive in 2009 or 2010, she finally had breeding success in 2011 when she was covered by Salamander Park’s resident stallion Keano (by Pins). Keano had entered the stallion ranks that year following a moderately successful career on the track being stakes placed and winning $380,000 in prizemoney.

Sire Keano at TBV's First Season Sires parade at Caulfield in 2011

Sire Keano at TBV’s First Season Sires parade at Caulfield in 2011

He covered a total of 54 mares over three seasons at Merton before being exported to New Zealand where he now stands. With two crops of racing age, Keano has had two winners (Suspense as well as Singapore winner Nova Eagle) from just six runners.

Suspense as a yearling before 2014 Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale

Suspense as a yearling before 2014 Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale


The pedigree page for Suspense when he was sold as a yearling at 2014 Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale / Credit: Inglis

Fast forward to Session Two of the 2014 Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale where Salamander Park sold Intrigues’ Keano colt to the new operation of Snowden Racing for $28,000. It was a relatively low price for a sibling to a Group 1 winner – likely a reflection of the uncertainty about the un-proven sire.

“As a yearling he was backward and immature but had good confirmation – although it was the pedigree which really attracted me,” Peter Snowden said following Suspense’s latest win at Canterbury.

Of course, Peter Snowden was the head trainer at Darley when Mental won the 2012 Group 1 Emirates Stakes so he was familiar with the family when he made the purchase at Oaklands Junction.

“He is still a bit raw, but worked well home and it was a nice win in the end,” Snowden said.

“He’ll furnish into a good sprinter but we probably won’t see the best of him until he’s four or five.”

The story doesn’t end there though for Victoria.

The dam Intrigues remains active and in the State.

A couple of years ago, the Melbourne-based Anderson decided he needed to devote more time to his young family so significantly sold down his breeding stock and put his Merton property on the market.

So, in 2014, Intrigues went through the Inglis auction ring once more and was sold for a mere $3,500 to Euroa trainer and breeder Pete Smith.

He put the well bred mare to his own stallion Masterprint (by Rubiton), a sire with a prosthetic leg. Unfortunately 2014 was his last breeding season, succumbing to his leg issues on Christmas Eve 2014.

Pete says it took just the one cover to get Intrigues pregnant, a minor miracle considering she had conceived just once in the previous five years. The Masterprint-Intrigues filly was born in October last year.

“She is a beautiful filly foal, a big strong filly,” Pete reports.

And Pete won’t be selling her considering her pedigree page together with the recent success of Suspense in Sydney.

“She is the best bred of the Masterprints by a long way.”

The dam was given a year off from visiting a stallion in 2015. Smith will monitor the health of the now 19-year-old mare before he determines whether or not to mate her in future seasons.

The story of Suspense, his mum Intrigues, his dad Keano, his older half brother Mental, his younger half sister and her father is certainly one of, well, intrigue!

Spendthrift Australia has named Grant Burrill as the new farm manager at its Victoria-based operation.

Burrill has history with the Spendthrift brand, and a strong familiarity with the grounds at Spendthrift Australia. He got a start in the thoroughbred industry in the late 1990s at Yallambee Stud where he worked for three years. Yallambee was acquired by Spendthrift owner B. Wayne Hughes last March.

Burrill moved to the USA and worked for Spendthrift Farm for four years in Kentucky holding many positions including farm manager. He returned to Australia in 2005 and has worked for the last 10 years at Widden Stud as the assistant stud manager, helping manage the careers of several leading sires over the last decade.

“It’s an honour to be given the responsibility of helping establish Spendthrift Australia as a key player in the Victorian and Australian breeding industry,” said Burrill. “The planets have really aligned to bring me back to the first property I ever worked on, and for the company for which I was employed in the USA.

“It’s going to be an exciting and personally challenging time as we look to implement new infrastructure and set up the farm according to our own requirements. The Victorian breeding industry has really had a renaissance in recent times and I look forward to ensuring Spendthrift Australia becomes an integral part of this re-emergence.”

Spendthrift Australia, which opened its doors in early 2015, recently concluded its first year of breeding operations. The farm stands such stallions as Can The Man, Hampton Court, Jimmy Creed, and Warrior’s Reward, and plans to expand upon its roster for 2016.

Owned by B. Wayne Hughes, Spendthrift Australia has also been active in acquiring racing stock in recent years, including last week’s Gold Coast Yearling Sale at Magic Millions where the farm signed for four yearlings, including three of the Top 20 colts in the sale.

“We are thrilled to have Grant join the team,” Spendthrift Australia general manager Garry Cuddy said.

“Having dealt with him for many years, I am confident that his wealth of knowledge and experience will be beneficial to our growth and development in the future.

“From the response we have already received since his appointment, we know we have the right man for the job.”

The victory of Tudor (Strategic) in Saturday’s Chester Manifold Stakes at Flemington has owner and breeder James O’Brien dreaming of a career as a stallion for the four-year-old entire.

“He obviously needs to step up again on that performance before we can think about going to stud, but he’s a lovely horse with great conformation and a great temperament so I’d love him to have that opportunity,” said O’Brien, who, as well as running the family owned Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, is also president Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria.

Having previously placed at Group 2 level, Tudor took Saturday’s 1400 metre listed race after an enterprising front-running ride from veteran jockey Darren Gauci.

“We took the blinkers off him on Saturday and he really relaxed and found the line well. The original plan had been to drop him back to 1200 metres but Darren said maybe we should try stepping him up in distance – that would certainly give us some more options,” added O’Brien.

Cranbourne trainer Doug Harrison certainly has a few things in mind for the stallion.

“I might back him up in the (Group 2) Australia Day Stakes at Moonee Valley next weekend before we make a decision about the Goodwood,” Harrison said after the gelding’s front-running victory at Flemington.

Tudor (4h Strategic – Skidoodle by Encosta de Lago) is a homebred for Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm after being withdrawn from the Magic Millions Adelaide and National Yearling Sales in 2013.

His dam was a Yarra Glen winner for Lauriston’s O’Brien family and they sold her Helmet colt for $170,000 at last year’s Magic Millions Foal Sale.

Skidoodle has a Denman colt on the ground and is in foal to Darley Victoria’s first season sire and champion three-year-old Brazen Beau.

Skidoodle is also the dam of the Ciaron Maher trained two-year-old, Emphatically, who finished third in last year’s Listed Merson Cooper Stakes and will be aimed at feature juvenile races in coming months.

Tudor’s stakes win was not the only highlight for the O’Briens on Saturday. A few minutes later Alcobro (Bianconi) stepped out at Morphettville over 1200 metres and, like Tudor, made every post a winning one.

Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm progeny have been on a sustained run of success recently, with eight horses carrying the LTF brand winning in the past two weeks.

While the farm consigns at most of the major yearling sales, their biggest draft this year will go to the Inglis Premier Sale at Melbourne’s Oaklands Junction. Among their nine lots catalogued is a half brother to Alcobro by Coolmore stallion So You Think (lot 391).

“Our business is structured around selling at the Melbourne Sale and we’re excited about the horses we’re taking this year,” said O’Brien.

“We’ve been selling there for about six years and have found it a strong sale, we even managed to top the averages back in 2013. All of our horses are Vobis nominated and I believe that’s very important at that sale.”

Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm is currently home to 29 mares owned by the O’Briens and is situated at Corinella, about 120 kms south east of Melbourne on Western Port Bay.

The Corinella nursery averaged $170,000 for its 5 yearlings at the Gold Coast Magic Millions last week and there are another 9 lots catalogued for the Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale

View the details of their full Inglis Melbourne Premier sale draft.

Statue Of Liberty youngster Lessyd kicked off a Flemington double for Eliza Park International sires on Saturday with a last-stride victory in the Better Beyond Plate (1100m).

Lessyd is trained by Tony McEvoy and he nailed stablemate and fellow Victorian bred 2yo Hey Doc (Duporth) by a short-head in a thrilling contest down the straight at headquarters. Moshway, a son of fellow EPI stallion Moshe, was a nose away third.

The winner had been placed at Moonee Valley and Geelong at his first two starts in December and will now be set for the $250,000 Inglis Premier at Caulfield on February 6.

“It’s taken him time to learn but he was much more professional today,” McEvoy said.

“He kept chasing hard to the line.”

Lessyd (2g Statue Of Liberty – Miss Chard by Al Samer) cost $100,000 from Euroa based Glenelg Park at the 2015 Inglis Melbourne Premier yearling sale. He has already earned $94,800, boosted by a VOBIS bonus of $43,800, for a syndicate that includes Scott Cameron and breeder Wayne Harrison.

The Victorian bred gelding is the first foal of a sister to Mr Chard and races in the same colours as the G3 VRC Carbine Club Stakes winner.

Eliza Park International sold a Statue Of Liberty colt to George Moore Bloodstock for $180,000 at the Magic Millions last week and there’s another five of his yearlings entered for the Inglis Melbourne Premier including a brother to G3 Proud Miss Stakes winner Miss Steele (Lot 345).

Statue Of Liberty has sired the winners of 44 races this season and Lessyd sent him past $1 million in earnings since August 1. His first juvenile winner of the season was Claro el Banco in the Magic Millions 2YO Clockwise Classic at Ballarat in November.

View the details of the five lots by Statue of Liberty being offered at the Inglis Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale.

Trainer Rob Heathcote will pencil in a winter campaign for his under-rated Victorian-bred stayer Lordag following a hard-fought win at the Sunshine Coast.

Lordag (5g Any Given Saturday – Danish Princess by Dolphin Street) ran a top race when second in the LR Bernborough Hcp last month and started a $3.50 favourite for the Coastline BMW 4 Series Hcp (1800m) on Saturday.

Under a perfectly timed Glen Colless ride, he got the judge’s decision in a three-way photo from Cantbuybetter and Hi Son to increase his prizemoney to $244,000.

The win was also a bonus for Euroa based Phoenix Broodmare Farm owner Damian Gleeson who has entered his Squamosa half-brother (Lot 529) for the Inglis Melbourne Premier. Gleeson sold Lordag (as agent) to owners Neil & Helen Owen at the 2011 Inglis Great Southern Foal Sale.

The Squamosa colt is also a three-quarter brother to 2014 VOBIS Gold Ingot runner-up Singularity.

Heathcote has always had a good opinion of Lordag. “I will give him a break for a month and then start stepping him up in distance,” he said.

“He’s still improving and some of those second-tier races will suit him at the winter carnival.”

Phoenix Broodmare Farm topped the 2014 Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale and Gleeson has entered another 21 yearlings on behalf of clients for Oaklands this year. A Commands filly from G2 Queen of the South Stakes winner Goon Serpent (Reset) is the first to parade as Lot 30.

See the details of their full sale draft.

The Richard Hannon trained War Glory has notched the first win of the New Year for Blue Gum Farm shuttler Canford Cliffs.

Handily placed under Sean Levey, War Glory kept on strongly to land a 1400m maiden second-up at Wolverhampton on Tuesday.

“He ran very well first time out but was just a bit green,” the winning jockey explained. “He’s come on at home and will definitely step up again. I think he will get a mile.”

War Glory (3c Canford Cliffs – Attracted To You by Hurricane Run) is owned Mohamed Saeed Al Shahi after being withdrawn from the 2014 Tattersalls October Sale. He’s the first foal of a Newbury winner and is related to G1 Irish National Stakes winner Heart Of Darkness who stood at Glenlogan Stud.

Canford Cliffs was a five-time Group 1 winner for Richard Hannon snr and was ranked Europe’s Champion 3YO Miler and World Champion Older Miler as a 4YO.

He sired an extraordinary 35 first-crop winners in Europe last year headed by Group winners Painted Cliffs (G2 Railway Stakes) and Most Beautiful (G3 Grangecon Stud). That fell just short of the record set by Iffraaj (38) five years ago.

The final winner of the year arrived on Xmas Eve when Canford Rose scored a half-length victory in the Premio Tenerani (1400m) in Rome. The Gabriele Bietolini trained filly is the first foal of Wolverhampton winner Supercharged (Iffraaj) and cost 15,000 euros at the 2014 Goffs Orby Sale.

Canford Cliffs has 12 yearlings from his second southern crop catalogued for the Inglis Melbourne Premier. The consignment kicks off with the half-sister to Group 2 winning filly Fontiton (Lot 265) being offered by Blue Gum Farm (as agent).

See the full details.

Warrior’s Reward was a Top 10 USA freshman sire in 2014 and his second crop of juveniles went even better in 2015.

The Spendthrift Farm shuttler sired 13 winners of $643,474 first-up and he topped that in the last week of December with maiden winners Southside Warrior (Gulfstream Park) and Warrior’s Dance (Tampa Bay Downs).

The Florida double took his 2015 juvenile tally to 15 winners of $689,688.

Southside Warrior is trained by Mark Casse and was very impressive winning over 1800m on debut from stablemate Conquest Sandman (Scat Daddy). He was purchased for $80,000 by Bill and Vicki Poston at the 2014 Keeneland September yearling sale.

The colt’s dam Bamba (Not for Love) has foaled five winners including LR Maryland Juvenile Championship winner Plum (Pure Prize).

Warrior’s Reward (Medaglia d’Oro) covered 130 mares at Spendthrift’s Kentucky headquarters in 2015 and he was the most popular of their foundation shuttlers in Victoria last year. He stood for an $11,000 (inc gst) fee and $13,750 (inc gst) as part of the Share The Upside program.

Lee Freedman will go ahead with plans to set Artistic Design for the $250,000 Inglis 2YO Premier despite the lack of suitable lead-ups before the Caulfield sales-related race on February 6.

Artistic Design is by Swettenham Stud sire Master Of Design and wasn’t asked to let down during a quiet 800m trial at Flemington last Wednesday. He settled second behind Lindsay Park colt Karaama (Lonhro) and was then geared down in the straight.

The unraced colt is a half-brother to Group 1 winner Trust In A Gust and cost Freedman $300,000 at the 2015 Melbourne Premier. He is raced by a syndicate that includes Ozzie Kheir, Trust In A Gust’s managing part-owner David Speechley and Swettenham’s Adam Sangster.

“He pulled up really well after that trial at Flemington and I’m delighted with the way he has trained on since then,” Freedman said. “All we have to do now is find a suitable race to kick him off. The programming here makes it difficult and I don’t want to send him to Sydney.”

Freedman mentioned the LR Blue Diamond Preview (C & G) over 1000m at Caulfield on January 26 as a possible starting point. That would give the colt an 11 day turnaround to the Inglis 2YO Premier.

Artistic Design is also one of the stable’s five two year-olds remaining in the G1 Blue Diamond Stakes on February 27 after second declarations closed earlier this week.

Freedman was determined to buy the colt after inspecting him at Melbourne Premier.

“I thought he was the best of the Master Of Design yearlings at Oaklands,” the Hall of Fame trainer said.

“He’s a got a beautiful pedigree and is a great physical specimen.”

Master of Design (Redoute’s Choice) has 17 second-crop yearlings catalogued for this year’s Melbourne Premier and the first to parade from Swettenham (Lot 172) is a winning half-sister to G2 Alister Clark Stakes winner Domesky.

View the details of the 17 lots.

The stars are aligning for Swettenham Stud sire Americain in the lead-up to the Inglis Melbourne Premier yearling sale.

The Melbourne Cup winner was raced by Kevin & Colleen Bamford and Gerry & Val Ryan and both couples have been on a winning run over the holidays.

Americain (USA) has 26 first-crop yearlings for Melbourne Premier – Swettenham has entered 6 and the Bamfords have 9 under their Daisy Hill Breeding banner.

One of the highlights among the Daisy Hill yearlings is the Americain – Paris Tryst colt (Lot 115) in the Blue Riband Session.

He’s a half-brother to Yulong Baby who is on a hat-trick after Caulfield wins on Boxing Day and January 9. Paris Tryst (Fusaichi Pegasus) is an unraced daughter of Australian Horse of the Year Let’s Elope.

The Ryans followed up Yulong Baby’s victory with Tuscan Sling who carried their Limerick Lane colours to victory in the LR Christmas Stakes on Boxing Day.

Another Americain colt in the Blue Riband Session is Lot 112 from Ampulla Lodge. He’s a half-brother to Kaphero filly Northkape who won the $100,000 VOBIS Gold Plate last year.

Their dam Northeast Note (Stravinsky) is a half-sister to LR Victorian St Leger winner Berlioz. Ampulla studmaster Steve Jostlear pin-hooked the colt for $85,000 at last year’s Great Southern Foal Sale. He was bred in partnership by Swettenham’s Adam Sangster and Gerry Ryan.

Jostlear and his wife Ceri are still on Cloud 9 after last week’s Magic Millions. They pin-hooked an Exceed And Excel colt for $300,000 at the Great Southern Sale and its value sky-rocketed to $800,000 in six months.

Swettenham’s Americain entrants include Lot 419, a filly from a half-sister to Zipping and Lot 452, a colt out of a three-quarter sister to Not A Single Doubt.

Americain (Dynaformer) is about to cover his latest northern hemisphere book at Calumet Farm in Kentucky and his first two year-olds will begin racing in the USA this year. Calumet owner Brad Kelley has also sent a select few to Dermot Weld in Ireland.

Leading Perth owner-breeder Bob Peters is another fan of Americain. His WA Oaks winner Reflected Image delivered an Americain filly on the eve of last year’s Melbourne Cup and her value continued to rise when older half-sister Perfect Reflection won the G1 Kingston Town Stakes at Ascot on December 5.

Reflected Image (More Than Ready) foaled down at Millford Thoroughbreds in Nagambie and she made the short trip to be bred back to Americain on November 29. Millford’s Jarrod Byers describes the filly as “lovely and athletic with plenty of quality.”

Peters has announced Perfect Reflection will travel to Melbourne for her next Group 1 assignment in the Australian Guineas (1600m) at Flemington on March 7.

Full details of Americain’s yearlings at the Inglis Melbourne Premier Sale.

It was a week of extraordinary results for Victorian breeders at the Magic Millions sales and raceday on the Gold Coast last week. Here are some of the highlights:

  • At least four Victorian vendors, achieved record sale prices for yearlings they have sold, including Burnewang North, Rosemount, Ampulla and Woodside Park.
  • Ampulla Lodge was ranked second by lot averages across all vendors in Book 1.
  • Two yearlings bred by Makybe both made $800,000 putting them both in the Top 10 of highest priced lots.
  • Rosemount’s sire Starspangledbanner had progeny return to the sales ring after a year off and made the top 10 list for sire averages (with 3 or more lots). In fact, he was the only Australian based sire not from the Hunter Valley to make the top 10.
  • Spendthrift, now based in Australia at its Macedon Ranges farm, spent almost $2.1 million buying four colts including an $800,000 Makybe bred colt.
  • Capitalist, by Woodside Park’s Victorian based sire, won the $2 million Magic Millions 2YO Classic. Runner-up, was the Gilgai Farm, Victorian bred Nikitas (Snitzel x Mine Game) and just behind in fourth place was the Burnewang North Victorian bred Niccolance (Nicconi x Nonchalance).
  • Wolf Cry (Street Cry x Starfish) bred by TBV Member Wood Nook Farm, won the $250,000 Magic Millions Maiden for trainer Peter Snowden and owners including Bob & Rosemary Scarborough.


The top 5 priced Victorian bred lots

lotvendorbreeder statesexsiredambuyerlocationprice
123Ampulla Lodge Bunyip Vic. Breeder: MakybeVicCExceed And Excel (AUS)Common Smytzer (AUS)George Moore Bloodstock/China Horse ClubCHINA800000
264Milburn Creek Wildes Meadow NSW (As Agent for Makybe)VicCFastnet Rock (AUS)Gold Anthem (AUS)Spendthrift AustraliaUSA800000
370Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicCStarspangledbanner (AUS)Lady's Light (USA)Gai Waterhouse Racing/Julian BlaxlandNSW540000
208Woodside Park Stud Tylden Vic (As Agent)VicFAll Too Hard (AUS)Factor Of Safety (AUS)James Harron BloodstockNSW510000
582Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicCSnitzel (AUS)Seaside Home (USA)Gai Waterhouse Racing/Julian BlaxlandNSW500000


A full list of Victorian sold and bred yearlings at Magic Millions 2016

lotvendorbreeder statesexsiredambuyerlocationprice
4Woodside Park Stud Tylden VicVicCCommands (AUS)Adulterer (NZ)David EllisNEW ZEALAND130000
6Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)QldCMedaglia D'oro (USA)Agnus Dei (AUS)Gai Waterhouse Racing/Julian BlaxlandNSW240000
9Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicFDenman (AUS)Albaicin (AUS)Matt Cumani/Boomer Bloodstock P/L (FBAA)/Stone FarmUSA110000
10Erinvale Thoroughbreds Buckley Vic (As Agent) Breeder: Erinvale/CulvaneVicFHelmet (AUS)Alborada (AUS)Mark Pilkington Management/Neville ParnhamWA50000
25Klemley Park Benobble QldQldCHelmet (AUS)Any Wonder (AUS)Trevor Miller As AgentQLD37500
37Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicCAll Too Hard (AUS)Attunga Rose (AUS)McEvoy Mitchell Racing P/LSA260000
39Twin Palms Stud Kulnura NSWNSWCHelmet (AUS)Awesome I Am (USA)Dalziel Racing/Moody RacingVIC75000
49Tarcoola Stud Tuerong Vic (As Agent)QldFSo You Think (NZ)Beach Model (AUS)Slade BloodstockVIC220000
50Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)QldFHinchinbrook (AUS)Believe 'n Achieve (AUS)Bruce MackenzieNSW50000
55Vieira Group Pty Ltd Sydney NSWNSWFBel Esprit (AUS)Bella Rossie (AUS)Psd $20000 Res $25000
61Musk Creek Farm Flinders VicVicFSebring (AUS)Betterthanblushing (AUS)First Light Racing/Ellerton Zahra Racing/Paul WillettsVIC60000
84Erinvale Thoroughbreds Buckley Vic (As Agent)NSWFFastnet Rock (AUS)Catchafallingstar (GB)Anthony Cummings RacingNSW160000
93Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent for Dorrington Farm)VicCSebring (AUS)Charm's Honour (AUS)Dalziel Racing/Lindsay Park RacingVIC110000
94Amarina Farm Denman NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Salter PastoralVicCMaster Of Design (AUS)Charming Ruby (AUS)Trent BusuttinNEW ZEALAND75000
99Baystone Farm Gnarwarre VicVicFRedoute's Choice (AUS)Cherief (AUS)Griffiths Racing/Peter Ford Thoroughbreds (FBAA)VIC115000
106Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicCSebring (AUS)Choice Words (AUS)Sun BloodstockHONG KONG160000
107Newgate Farm Scone NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Eliza Park InternationalVicCSebring (AUS)Chordata (AUS)Little Kwok Hing Hung/Bahen BloodstockHONG KONG400000
118Mill Park Meningie SA (As Agent)SACHelmet (AUS)Classic Status (AUS)Phillip StokesSA170000
123Ampulla Lodge Bunyip VicVicCExceed And Excel (AUS)Common Smytzer (AUS)George Moore Bloodstock/China Horse ClubCHINA800000
124Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)VicCWanted (AUS)Conduce (AUS)Theo KieserSINGAPORE60000
134Milburn Creek Wildes Meadow NSW (As Agent for Makybe)VicFSnitzel (AUS)Crystal Choir (GB)Marette Farrell/Gai Waterhouse RacingUSA320000
154Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicFStryker (AUS)Denarii (AUS)C B Bloodstock/Cloud 9 ThoroughbredsVIC90000
157Woodside Park Stud Tylden VicVicCWritten Tycoon (AUS)Dexcellent (AUS)Bjorn Baker Racing/Blandford BloodstockNSW85000
164Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicCSebring (AUS)Dorf Command (AUS)James Harron BloodstockNSW410000
186Davali Thoroughbreds Luskintyre NSW (As Agent for Carrington Park)VicFHelmet (AUS)Eliza Park (AUS)Adam PalmerVIC70000
188Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicCFoxwedge (AUS)Elusiv Lady In Red (USA)Australasian ThoroughbredsQLD45000
192Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicCSmart Missile (AUS)Emma Princess (AUS)Mick Price RacingVIC120000
194Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent for Palya Bloodstock)VicFNot A Single Doubt (AUS)En Amont (NZ)Griffiths Racing/Princeton Thoroughbred StudVIC150000
196Tyreel Stud Agnes Banks NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Qatar BloodstockVicCHarbour Watch (IRE)Enduja (AUS)Mulcaster BloodstockNEW ZEALAND110000
199Musk Creek Farm Flinders Vic (As Agent for Fitzwood)VicCSebring (AUS)Eramor (AUS)China Horse ClubCHINA180000
204Musk Creek Farm Flinders VicVicFSnitzel (AUS)Exceedingly Happy (AUS)DGR Thoroughbred Services P/L (FBAA)NSW250000
208Woodside Park Stud Tylden Vic (As Agent)VicFAll Too Hard (AUS)Factor Of Safety (AUS)James Harron BloodstockNSW510000
211Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicCSnitzel (AUS)Fashion Black (NZ)Aquis FarmQLD160000
223Middlebrook Valley Lodge Scone NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Mr D MolloyVicCExceed And Excel (AUS)Filming (AUS)Psd $150000 Res $180000
227Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm Corinella VicVicCNot A Single Doubt (AUS)Five Star Belle (AUS)Magic Millions As AgentHONG KONG180000
241Musk Creek Farm Flinders VicVicCPierro (AUS)Footprint (AUS)Belmont BloodstockVIC105000
248Musk Creek Farm Flinders Vic (As Agent for Fitzwood)VicCSebring (AUS)Free Spirited (AUS)Paul Perry RacingNSW110000
256Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicCStarspangledbanner (AUS)Fupeg Magic (AUS)Dalziel Racing/Lindsay Park RacingVIC80000
258Musk Creek Farm Flinders VicVicCNicconi (AUS)Fustaan (AUS)McEvoy Mitchell Racing P/LSA150000
264Milburn Creek Wildes Meadow NSW (As Agent for Makybe)VicCFastnet Rock (AUS)Gold Anthem (AUS)Spendthrift AustraliaUSA800000
270Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)VicFFastnet Rock (AUS)Goody Two Shoes (IRE)Sun BloodstockHONG KONG160000
276Glastonbury Farms Scone NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Limerick Lane ThoroughbredsVicFSnitzel (AUS)Grenada Road (AUS)Hawkes RacingNSW250000
288Musk Creek Farm Flinders VicVicCHinchinbrook (AUS)Happy Laughing (AUS)McKeever BloodstockUNITED KINGDOM155000
317Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicCYour Song (AUS)Hypatia (AUS)Dovedeen Pty LtdQLD80000
320Erinvale Thoroughbreds Buckley Vic (As Agent)NSWCFastnet Rock (AUS)Imperial Beauty (USA)Adriaan Van VuurenSOUTH AFRICA280000
328Oakwood Farm Haigslea Qld (As Agent for Harvey Park) Breeder: Mr A HarveyVicFReward For Effort (AUS)Initial Venture (AUS)Paul Duncan RacingQLD85000
334Davali Thoroughbreds Luskintyre NSW (As Agent for Carrington Park)VicCSo You Think (NZ)Isle of Gibraltar (AUS)Mark Pilkington ManagementVIC170000
338Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent for Palya Bloodstock)VicCChoisir (AUS)It's All Right (AUS)Freedman RacingVIC130000
351Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent for Palya Bloodstock)VicCSmart Missile (AUS)Katiet (AUS)Dean Hawthorne BloodstockNEW ZEALAND250000
359Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicFNot A Single Doubt (AUS)La Dolce Diva (AUS)Mystery DownsNSW220000
362Ampulla Lodge Bunyip VicVicCArtie Schiller (USA)La Victoire (AUS)Aquanita Racing P/LVIC180000
369Baystone Farm Gnarwarre VicVicCWritten Tycoon (AUS)Lady Somers (AUS)Kelly SchweidaQLD80000
370Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicCStarspangledbanner (AUS)Lady's Light (USA)Gai Waterhouse Racing/Julian BlaxlandNSW540000
374Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)NSWCMagnus (AUS)Le Bel Away (AUS)McLachlan RacingQLD85000
376Erinvale Thoroughbreds Buckley Vic (As Agent)NSWCSepoy (AUS)Legal Eagle (AUS)Tony NoonanVIC110000
378Kitchwin Hills Scone NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Burnewang NorthVicFSnitzel (AUS)Les Ry Leigh (USA) China Horse ClubCHINA350000
384Milburn Creek Wildes Meadow NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Eliza Park InternationalVicFHelmet (AUS)Little Artist (AUS)Matt Cumani/Boomer Bloodstock P/L (FBAA)QLD130000
398Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicFToorak Toff (AUS)Macca The Great (AUS)William FawdryTAS15000
423Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicFSebring (AUS)Metonymy (AUS)Stonestreet Thoroughbred HoldingsUSA470000
427Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicCStarspangledbanner (AUS)Miley (AUS)Aquis FarmQLD85000
459Attunga Stud Scone NSW (As Agent) - Breeder: Wood Nook FarmVicCHigh Chaparral (IRE)Moussaieff (AUS)Slade Bloodstock/Freedman RacingVIC140000
464Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent) Breeder: Mr C BeggsVicFYour Song (AUS)Music In The Park (AUS)Henry Dwyer RacingVIC120000
465Milburn Creek Wildes Meadow NSW (As Agent for Makybe)VicCStarspangledbanner (AUS)Mutate (AUS)Mick Price RacingVIC320000
487Vieira Group Pty Ltd Sydney NSWNSWCHelmet (AUS)Our Cougette (AUS)First Light Racing/Peter Moody/Paul WillVIC60000
489Amarina Farm Denman NSW (As Agent)NSWFArtie Schiller (USA)Our Serena (AUS)LED Technologies Pty LtdVIC60000
493Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm Corinella VicVicCSnitzel (AUS)Paramount (AUS)Edmonds Racing P/LQLD200000
494Edinglassie Stud Muswellbrook NSW (As Agent) NSWCHelmet (AUS)Parriwi (AUS)Lee CurtisNSW100000
505Murrulla Stud Wingen NSW (As Agent)NSWCHelmet (AUS)Piece of Class (AUS)Robbie LaingVIC30000
506Ampulla Lodge Bunyip VicVicCLonhro (AUS)Pilbara Sand (AUS)Sun BloodstockHONG KONG340000
510Carramar Park Grose Wold NSW (As Agent) Breeder: MakybeVicCHelmet (AUS)Pleats (FR)New Breed Racing/Trainer ConnectionsNSW20000
530Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm Corinella VicVicFSnitzel (AUS)Rapidement (AUS)Spicer ThoroughbredsVIC220000
542Amarina Farm Denman NSW (As Agent for Hesket Bloodstock)VicCSepoy (AUS)Riptide (AUS)Shadwell AustralasiaUNITED KINGDOM170000
553Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicFToorak Toff (AUS)Rosemont Flyer (AUS)Jason Warren RacingVIC40000
561Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicCCommands (AUS)Royal Lineup (AUS)Aquis FarmQLD150000
563Coolmore Stud Jerry's Plains NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Morning Rise StudVicFSepoy (AUS)Royal Pageant (AUS) Psd $55000 Res $75000
575Woodside Park Stud Tylden VicVicCStarspangledbanner (AUS)Sassy Minx (USA)Glenhuntly LodgeVIC100000
582Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicCSnitzel (AUS)Seaside Home (USA)Gai Waterhouse Racing/Julian BlaxlandNSW500000
586Bhima Thoroughbreds Scone NSW (As Agent)SACHelmet (AUS)Seeking Sunshine (USA)Psd $90000 Res $120000
600Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent for Dorrington Farm)VicCMagnus (AUS)Shirl Pegasus (AUS)Freedman RacingVIC120000
602Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm Corinella VicVicFRedoute's Choice (AUS)Show Stealer (AUS)Jason Warren RacingVIC160000
610Coolmore Stud Jerry's Plains NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Morning Rise StudVicCFoxwedge (AUS)Sister Havana (NZ)Adriaan Van VuurenSOUTH AFRICA180000
623Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm Corinella VicVicFNot A Single Doubt (AUS)Spy Catcher (AUS)Griffiths Racing/Peter Ford Thoroughbreds (FBAA)/McKeever BloodstockVIC90000
630Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent for Palya Bloodstock)VicFNot A Single Doubt (AUS)Strata Title (AUS)Marc Conners RacingNSW50000
634Goodwood Farm Murrurundi NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Rangal Park StudVicCAl Maher (AUS)Street Princess (AUS)Gai Waterhouse Racing/Julian BlaxlandNSW130000
637Tyreel Stud Agnes Banks NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Mr RM HumphreysVicCExcelebration (IRE)String of Pearls (IRE)Kyan YapMALAYSIA175000
648Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicFToorak Toff (AUS)Superfly (AUS)Dean Hawthorne BloodstockNEW ZEALAND90000
651Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)VicFCommands (AUS)Swansea (IRE)Shadwell AustralasiaUNITED KINGDOM340000
655Musk Creek Farm Flinders VicVicCTeofilo (IRE)Sweet Little Lies (AUS)Mulcaster BloodstockNEW ZEALAND240000
659Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicFSebring (AUS)Swinging Babe (AUS)Portelli Racing Pty LtdNSW230000
678Rosemont Stud Gnarwarre Vic (As Agent)NSWCAll Too Hard (AUS)There's Only One (AUS)Hawkes RacingNSW300000
687Newhaven Park Boorowa NSW (As Agent)SACHelmet (AUS)Tricolore (AUS)Psd $70000 Res $80000
689Woodside Park Stud Tylden Vic (As Agent) Breeder: Lemrac LodgeVicCLonhro (AUS)Trisara (AUS)Dynamic Syndications/Gai WaterhouseNSW100000
699Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)VicCLove Conquers All (AUS)Vassar (AUS)Sun BloodstockHONG KONG50000
703Attunga Stud Scone NSW (As Agent) - Breeder: Woodside Park VicCWritten Tycoon (AUS)Verkko (AUS)China Horse Club/Horse VenturesCHINA180000
710Burnewang North Pastoral Rochester VicVicFCommands (AUS)Vintage Rock (AUS)Lindsay Park RacingVIC180000
712Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicFStryker (AUS)Voltdanze (AUS)Sean AndersenQLD19000
727Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicCPierro (AUS)With Love (AUS)Bjorn Baker Racing/Blandford BloodstockNSW220000
728Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)VicCStatue Of Liberty (USA)Wonderer (AUS)George Moore BloodstockHONG KONG180000
731Baystone Farm Gnarwarre VicVicFSnitzel (AUS)Xaarhea (AUS)Psd $150000 Res $160000
742Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicCYour Song (AUS)Zelle (AUS)Triple Crown Syndications/Snowden RacingNSW80000
746Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Eddington VicVicFBel Esprit (AUS)Zumbarina (AUS)Matt Cumani/Boomer Bloodstock P/L (FBAA)QLD170000
784Twin Palms Stud Kulnura NSWNSWFHard Spun (USA)Moon Game (USA)Psd $5000 Res $8000
788Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)NSWFRothesay (AUS)Multiple Wins (USA)Pharout Syndications/Paul ButterworthQLD20000
806Elle's Lodge Daruka NSW (As Agent) Breeder: Independent StallionsVicCToorak Toff (AUS)Peacock Sally (USA)Munce RacingQLD13000
821Bell River Thoroughbreds Wellington NSW (As Agent)NSWFWanted (AUS)Radiant Star (AUS)Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock/CB BloodstockVIC80000
824Woodside Park Stud Tylden VicVicCWritten Tycoon (AUS)Rate the Choice (AUS)Mark RileyVIC230000
840Robyn Wise Darling Downs Qld (As Agent)NSWCHelmet (AUS)Shibboleth (AUS)Psd $55000 Res $70000
858Eureka Stud Cambooya Qld (As Agent)QldFWanted (AUS)Suite Lioness (AUS)Peter BlairVIC22000
868Robyn Wise Darling Downs Qld (As Agent) Breeder: Burnewang NorthVicCDenman (AUS)Valentine Rose (NZ)Paul Willetts/Robert HeathcoteQLD70000
875Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)QldFI Am Invincible (AUS)Winaura (AUS)Ontrack Racing Syndicates/Brett BowmanQLD80000
883Woodside Park Stud Tylden VicVicFSepoy (AUS)Zarzuela (IRE)Griffiths Racing/Peter Ford Thoroughbreds (FBAA)VIC46000
895Oakwood Farm Haigslea Qld (As Agent for Harvey Park) Breeder: Mr A HarveyVicCStatue Of Liberty (USA)Anyways Lucy (AUS)Tony NoonanVIC42500
900Aquis Farm Wonglepong QldQldCBel Esprit (AUS)Ausmaid (AUS)Jason Warren RacingVIC80000
907Woodside Park Stud Tylden VicVicFWritten Tycoon (AUS)Bequia Beauty (USA)Belmont Bloodstock Agency (FBAA)VIC80000
922Kenmore Lodge Dulacca QldQldFHelmet (AUS)Champagnecharlotte (AUS)Finniss LodgeSA40000
933Turangga Farm Scone NSW (As Agent)QldFReset (AUS)Countess Christie (AUS)Psd $80000 Res $100000
945Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)QldFFoxwedge (AUS)De Lago Lass (AUS)Psd $47500 Res $50000
950Element Hill Innisplain QldQldCReset (AUS)Direct Flight (AUS)Matthew DaleACT55000
963Attunga Stud Scone NSW (As Agent) - Breeder: Lauriston ThoroughbredsVicCPierro (AUS)Emilydelago (AUS)Spicer ThoroughbredsVIC200000
996Ampulla Lodge Bunyip VicVicCSkilled (AUS)Greimota (AUS)Finniss LodgeSA35000
998Woodside Park Stud Tylden VicVicCWritten Tycoon (AUS)Hayley's Thunder (AUS)Riversley Park/Ben FooteNEW ZEALAND100000
1002Raheen Stud Darling Downs Qld (As Agent)NSWCMaster Of Design (AUS)Homegrown (AUS)Lees RacingNSW10000
1008Eliza Park International Kerrie Vic (As Agent)QldFStreet Cry (IRE)Isabelino (AUS)Magic Millions As AgentQLD32000
1033L & J Roche Warwick QldQldFSkilled (AUS)Blossomed (AUS)0
1046Waylon J Stud Wamuran Qld (As Agent)QldFStrategic (AUS)Fraoch (AUS)0
1051Gilturn Farm Rollands Plains NSWWACIllustrious Blue (GB)Killer Jewel (AUS)0
1055Tallarook Lodge Chambers Flat Qld (As Agent) Breeder: Northern Lodge StudVicCWanted (AUS)Manzanilla (AUS)0
1056Burwood Stud Pittsworth Qld (As Agent). Breeder: Mr D RienietsVicCHost (CHI)Matiya's Pride (AUS)0

Woodside Park Stud capped a magic week on the Gold Coast when Capitalist scored a consummate victory in the Magic Millions 2YO Classic (1200m) on Saturday.

The boom colt is by Woodside Park sire Written Tycoon and he firmed into a $3.50 favourite for the G1 Golden Slipper after treating his rivals with contempt on the Gold Coast. He raced on the speed for jockey Blake Shinn and then accelerated in the straight to win by more than two lengths.

Written Tycoon becomes the first stallion standing in Victoria to have sired a Magic Millions 2YO Classic winner since Testa Rossa won in 1999 (sired by Collingrove’s Perugino).

Co-trainer of Capitalist, Peter Snowden, was thrilled with the dominant performance and said there was little doubt that Capitalist was one of the most gifted two-year-olds he’s worked with. “That was everything you want to see. He showed tremendous gate speed and then pulled himself to the front.

“There’s room for more improvement. He was ready today but I was very mindful of the Golden Slipper because it was only his second run back from a spell. He’s very exciting and is a horse to look forward to in the future.”

Shinn rates the colt alongside the best gallopers he’s partnered and said he rode the two-year-old like he was the best horse in the race.

“The key was to keep him out of trouble. He jumped well and we held a forward position. I got him off the rail and it was smooth sailing from there.”

Capitalist (2c Written Tycoon – Kitalpha by Fusaichi Pegasus) is unbeaten following hollow wins in the LR Breeders’ Plate (1000m) at Randwick and Wyong Magic Millions. He cost James Harron Bloodstock $165,000 at the 2015 Magic Millions yearling sale and has banked $1,419,200.

Written Tycoon has taken over at the top of the Australian 2YO sires’ premiership and will lock up the title if Capitalist wins the $3.50 million Golden Slipper on March 19.

The Woodside Park sire warmed up for the $10 million meeting with black-type winner Howmuchdoyouloveme at Gosford on Friday.

The Con Karakatsanis trained gelding claimed his fifth feature victory in the LR Takeover Target Stakes (1200m) following earlier strikes in the G2 Caulfield Sprint, G3 Healy Stakes, LR Ramornie Hcp and LR Qld Lightning Hcp.

Howmuchdoyouloveme (7g Written Tycoon – Betula Belle by Celtic Swing) was bred by Modewarre-based Bill Cockram and sold for $5,000 at the 2010 Inglis Classic yearling sale. The latest result sent his earnings past $726,000.

Earlier the week, Woodside Park sold an All Too Hard – Factor Of Safety (Encosta de Lago) filly for $510,000 at the Magic Millions yearling sale.

“It’s a new record price for the farm,” Woodside Park’s Matt Tillett said.

“She was out constantly but just took it all in her stride. We were hoping she would make $200,000, so we’re delighted.”

And the Victorian nursery also topped Book 2 on Sunday with a Written Tycoon – Rate The Choice colt that was knocked down to Mornington trainer Mark Riley for $230,000.

He is a half-brother to Hong Kong sprinter-miler Graceful Kingdom and their dam is a three-quarter sister to Bradbury’s Luck.

Woodside Park has 22 yearlings catalogued for the Inglis Melbourne Premier starting including a full-brother to stakes performer Written Consent (Lot 50).

Victorian vendor Ampulla Lodge topped Day 1 of the Magic Millions Sale with an $800,000 Exceed And Excel – Common Smytzer colt that was pin-hooked at last year’s Inglis Great Southern Foal Sale.

The sale helped Ampulla Lodge rank second in terms of vendor averages in Book 1 with an average of $440,000 for its 3 lots – an extraordinary result against the ‘big boys’ of Australian breeding!

Ampulla Lodge owners Ceri and Steve Jostlear were overwhelmed after Hong Kong based George Moore Bloodstock beat off several under-bidders to buy the session-topper.

“I bought him from (his breeder) Makybe at Oaklands Junction for $300,000,” Jostlear said.

“That was big money and I’m pretty sure it’s a record for a foal in Melbourne. But he’s a beautiful colt and was just what we were looking for.”

Jostlear is based at Bunyip and is one of the most astute pin-hookers on the sale circuit.

“He was the best foal we inspected by a long way last year,” Jostlear recalled.

“I gave him a carrot and he ate it. You know that’s the one when they eat the carrot!”

The bay colt is a brother to G3 Maribyrnong Plate winner Exceedingly Good who is now a sire at Wattle Brae Stud in Queensland. He’s also a half-brother to Common Interest (More Than Ready) who has won stakes races in Melbourne and Singapore.

Moore indicated the colt will be educated in NSW before any decision is made about his future.

“He looks a forward type and an ideal sprinter,” he said.

“We don’t have a client yet but I’m sure there’s someone in Hong Kong who will want to purchase him.”

Ampulla finished the Magic Millions Books 1 and 2 with four lots sold for turnover of just over $1.35 million.

Intriguing Lady landed the latest win for Tony Santic’s Makybe operation in South Africa last Sunday.

She is a member of the Mike de Kock team and scooted home almost five lengths clear of her opposition on debut at Scottsville. She was sold for $130,000 at the 2015 Inglis Premier yearling sale.

The daughter of New Approach is raced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa and is the first foal of French-bred import Pleats (Green Desert).

Speaking from Dubai, Mike de Kock said the Melbourne Sale has been very lucky for the stable.

“Intriguing Lady is a bright prospect for the Highveld and KwaZulu-Natal carnivals later this year. There’s lots of stamina in her female line so the fact that she shows so much pace is very encouraging,” he said.

Makybe sold another three yearlings through Milburn Creek at the Gold Coast Magic Millions last week headed by the $800,000 Fastnet Rock three-quarter brother to Starspangledbanner. That colt was purchased by Spendthrift Farm owner B Wayne Hughes.

Santic also received $320,000 apiece for a Starspangledbanner colt bought by Mick Price and a Snitzel filly going to Gai Waterhouse.

In addition, Makybe was the breeder of the colt by Exceed and Excel and out of Common Smytzer which was sold on Day One by Ampulla Lodge for $800,000 to George Moore Bloodstock. Makybe originally sold the colt for $300,000 as a weanling.