An update from Executive Officer, Charmein Bukovec

Dear Victorian breeder,

I write to you today, to update you on the latest regarding COVID-19. As we all know, this situation continues to evolve and does so at an alarming rate.

Today, I will once again meet with Racing Victoria, the Victorian State Government, and other key racing stakeholder groups to talk about racing and the impacts COVID-19 has had on our industry.

Following this meeting, while I have no doubt Racing Victoria will provide an update, I too will keep you updated.

These meetings are beneficial as they have provided invaluable recommendations which can be adopted in the breeding industry and provide another line of communication to the Minister. These meetings have helped me to provide recommendations which I sent to you last Monday.

On Friday, I also had a discussion with the Minister’s office about the Victorian breeding industry and how COVID-19 will impact our farms, businesses, and employees. I will continue to speak with the Minister’s office and Racing Victoria.

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) has released guidelines for your farm in the wake of COVID-19. I encourage you to share this through your networks, forward the email on to your neighbour, share it on social media. Sometimes emails get overlooked. You can find the guidelines by clicking here.

This country was built on community and helping one another get through the tough times. Kindness and checking in on your neighbour go a long way (while maintaining social distancing protocols).

If you or anyone you know, needs to reach out for support in this time, Racing Victoria have extended their Stableline service to those who are employed in the Victorian breeding industry for the period of the COVID-19 outbreak. The service is a free, independent counselling service and is available 24/7 to you on 1300 520 122. Should you wish to utilise other 24/7 support services, you can find a list of them in the table below.

Never in our lifetimes have we experienced something of this nature. There is no rule book as to how we should make decisions, but one thing is crucial and that is we must listen to those in charge and take their messages seriously to get through this period.

And as always, you can contact me directly at or on 0459 510 506.

Kind Regards,




Charmein Bukovec